10 Creative Marketing Ideas for Showrooms

Posted by B&B Press on 19 October 2020

You have the high-quality products and the beautiful showroom, now all you need is the customers. Word of mouth can only go so far, but print and digital marketing combined can entice customers that otherwise may not have ventured into your showroom.

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Do Printed Catalogues Still Have a Place in Marketing in 2020?

Posted by B&B Press on 12 October 2020

Absolutely. Despite the digitisation of the consumer experience, printed catalogues are still firm fixtures in marketing. They’re tangible and tactile representations of your brand and offering, something websites wish they could achieve. 

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Why Print Marketing Is Something Small Businesses Need to Reconsider

Posted by B&B Press on 06 October 2020

Everyone seems to talk about the importance of an online presence for a small business. However, when it comes to marketing your business, many potential customers still love the feel of a business brochure in their hand.

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Print vs Online Brochures: Which Is Better for Showrooms?

Posted by B&B Press on 01 October 2020

Brochures do a fantastic job of setting out your company information and introducing prospective clients to your products and services. If you've been in sales for any length of time, you've probably transitioned from physical brochures and now also use PDFs to show material to prospects and clients.

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How You Can Use Print Within Your Education Marketing

Posted by B&B Press on 28 September 2020

Printed marketing is tangible, impactful and memorable - it’s even scientifically proven to be more effective than digital marketing. Although we live in the digital age, it’s important to showcase your institution on all platforms, utilising old school marketing methods to reach all audiences and create campaigns that really stick in their minds. 

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What’s Catalogue Marketing and How Does It Fit Into My Strategy?

Posted by B&B Press on 25 September 2020

Studies show that consumers enjoy reading catalogues - that’s why they spend time engaging with them. In fact, the average time spent looking at a catalogue is just over 15 minutes and consumers tend to hold on to them for several weeks. 

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What's a Typical Turnaround Time for Printing Services?

Posted by B&B Press on 21 September 2020

The typical turnaround time for printing services can range from a couple of days to one week. Expect a quicker one for digital printing but for litho printing and large format, you’ll be waiting a little longer. Ultimately, it depends on the quantity, artwork and complexity of the job.

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Education Marketing: Can Print Materials Increase Enrollment?

Posted by B&B Press on 15 September 2020

Print plays a big role in today’s higher education marketing campaigns and rightly so. It’s effective, actionable and remarkably underrated. Higher education is a competitive landscape with many fierce institutions fighting for the same audience as you.

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4 Benefits of Using Soft Touch Laminate for Your Brochures

Posted by B&B Press on 07 September 2020

Soft touch laminate is a velvety finish for print that exudes quality. It gives an instantaneous high-end feel to any printed material, which is why it's perfect for showcasing your business.

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Process vs Spot Colour: What are the Differences?

Posted by B&B Press on 14 August 2020

Process and spots colours are the two most widely accepted colour forms used in the printing industry. Whether you want high-quality, durable business cards or beautifully tactile soft-touch brochures - you’ll use one or the other for your printing project. 

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How Does Image Resolution Affect Print Quality?

Posted by B&B Press on 10 August 2020

The relationship between image resolution and print quality is somewhat temperamental. Picture this, a spectacular front cover looking great on your computer screen, you get the nod of approval from the rest of the team and you’re pretty chuffed with yourself.  

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The Power of Print in a Digital Age

Posted by B&B Press on 07 August 2020

Analog. Tangible. Physical. Three ways of describing print, three ways it’s carved out a niche in the world of media and marketing. Even when people thought the digital age would be the end of print, it fought back to become more creative, unique and important than ever.

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How to Create a Print-Ready File

Posted by B&B Press on 05 August 2020

With deadlines looming and a print campaign raring to go, making sure your design is available as a print-ready file is essential for efficiency. Without it, you risk back and forth with your print provider and a last-minute print project that’s long overdue. 

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How the Print Supply Chain Can Reduce its Carbon Footprint

Posted by B&B Press on 17 July 2020

Over a decade ago at B&B Press, we started our journey to become an eco-friendly printer. Since then, we've relentlessly measured and reduced the CO2 outputs from our printing company. It’s a challenge, but something the entire print supply chain should focus on achieving. 

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What is a Print Proof? And 5 Other FAQs About Professional Printing

Posted by B&B Press on 01 July 2020

A print proof (sometimes called a repress) is a prototype to provide an accurate representation of how your design will look when professionally printed. With monitors not always telling the full story, you want to be confident that what you’re seeing on the screen is what you’re going to achieve.

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Why Should I Use Carbon Balanced Paper?

Posted by B&B Press on 30 April 2020

Take positive action with Carbon Balanced Paper. You’ll be a crusader against global warming and give customers what they’re demanding from brands - greener products and processes. Businesses are increasingly turning their focus to reducing their footprint on the planet, but why should you make the switch and how can you do it?

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What Paper Grammage Do I Need?

Posted by B&B Press on 29 April 2020

Paper grammage refers to paper density. Basically, how thick the sheets are. Whereas business cards need to withstand a pocket at a networking event and represent your company, letterheads need to be light so they can be folded neatly into envelopes. 

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Top Tips on How to Prepare Artwork for Printing

Posted by B&B Press on 24 April 2020

You’ve got deadlines and a design that needs to be printed. However, you’re not quite sure it’s going to print as you envisioned. With things such as file formats, colour spaces and crop marks to consider - we’d forgive you if one slipped your mind.

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How We Became an Ethical Printing Company

Posted by B&B Press on 13 April 2020

At B&B Press, our commitment to being a green print provider is something we’re very proud of. We’ve got our ISO 14001 certificate which proves we have an environmental management policy in place. We’re also creating beautiful professional print solutions using our eco-friendly LED UV printer.

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3 Potential Problems With Screen Printing (and How to Solve Them)

Posted by B&B Press on 09 April 2020

Screen printing is an ancient art form. It's an effective technique for creating vibrant canvases, posters and artwork but the method can also be used to print fabrics and textiles. The technique uses mesh to transfer ink, except in areas made impermeable by a stencil. The process is sometimes called serigraphy or silkscreen printing.

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