How to Save Costs on Your Print Marketing Materials with Web2Print

In the high-stakes marketing world, where every penny is a game-changer, you need to have a firm grasp on your expenses and how to optimise them. 

While it's effective, traditional print marketing comes with a labyrinth of costs that can significantly impact your bottom line. That's why we have a solution for you.

This blog explores how Web2Print stands out as the ultimate solution, delivering cost savings, efficiency and flexibility — perfect for businesses looking to transform their print marketing strategies.

How Much Does Traditional Print Marketing Cost?

The cost of traditional print marketing materials can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of materials used, the complexity of the design, the quantity ordered and additional services. 

Here's a breakdown of some everyday expenses associated with traditional print marketing:

  • Printing materials: This includes the cost of paper, ink and other consumables necessary to print the marketing materials. The price can vary based on the quality and quantity.
  • Design: Designing and preparing marketing materials for printing often include costs, especially if you hire a professional designer or require specialised prepress services to ensure optimal print quality.
  • Printing and finishing: The actual printing process, including setup and production, contributes to the overall cost. Finishing services like binding, laminating or embossing will also add up.
  • Labour costs: Labour expenses cover the time and effort required for various tasks, including design, proofing, printing and finishing. The more complex the project, the higher the labour costs may be.
  • Overhead costs: These encompass expenses related to maintaining printing equipment, utilities, facility rent and other operational costs associated with running a print shop or utilising printing services.
  • Shipping and distribution: If you transport your printed materials to different locations or distribute them to specific recipients, shipping and distribution costs will factor into your overall expenses.
  • Storage: Storing excess inventory of printed materials may include additional costs, especially if you need to rent storage space or invest in solutions to keep your materials organised and accessible.
  • Environmental impact: Traditional print marketing may have ecological costs associated with paper waste, ink usage and energy consumption.


Introducing Web2Print For Marketing Materials

Web2Print leverages automation and digitalisation to streamline every aspect of the print marketing process, from design and customisation to ordering and fulfilment. 

Web2Print offers significant savings without compromising quality or efficiency by eliminating manual intervention and minimising overhead costs.

Your entire arsenal is in one accessible hub — encompassing customisable templates, warehoused items, downloadable products and pre-approved designs. Seamlessly navigate your personalised catalogue of offerings within moments, anytime and from any location and order what you need.

How Web2Print Saves Money

One of the key pillars of Web2Print's cost-saving prowess lies in its automation capabilities. 

By automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows, Web2Print minimises the time and resources required to execute print marketing campaigns, allowing you to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Web2Print's flexibility enables you to customise marketing materials on the fly, catering to specific audience segments and maximising the impact of their campaigns without incurring additional costs.

But that's not all. Here are some more cost-saving benefits of using Web2Print:

  • Reduced overhead costs: By streamlining the printing process and eliminating the need for physical storefronts, Web2Print reduces overhead costs associated with traditional print shops, such as rent, utilities and staffing.
  • Minimised labour expenses: With automated processes for design, ordering and fulfilment, Web2Print reduces the need for manual labour, saving you both time and money.
  • Efficient resource utilisation: Web2Print optimises resource utilisation by minimising waste through accurate print estimations, reducing excess inventory storage costs and maximising the use of printing materials.
  • Economies of scale: Web2Print helps you benefit from economies of scale by offering competitive pricing for bulk orders, ensuring cost savings for larger print runs.
  • Elimination of intermediaries: By connecting you directly with print suppliers, Web2Print eliminates the need for intermediaries, reducing markup costs and ensuring competitive pricing.
  • Time savings: The efficiency of Web2Print platforms accelerates the print marketing process, reducing lead times and enabling you to launch campaigns faster, ultimately saving money by maximising revenue-generating opportunities.

How Rocal Used Web2Print to Save Money

36 W - Rocal-1

Rocal, a leading player in the composite door industry, wanted to streamline its print marketing processes, save costs and maintain brand consistency by partnering with B&B Press.

With B&B Press's Web2Print solution, Rocal improved print marketing efficiency by accessing customisable templates in a centralised hub. This streamlined approach eliminated manual processes, allowing Rocal to focus on strategic initiatives.

The true measure of Rocal's success was the substantial cost savings it achieved through its partnership with B&B Press.

By leveraging the platform's automation capabilities and bulk ordering options, Rocal minimised production costs and optimised its print marketing budget. 

Along with this, by being able to track and manage orders in real-time, Rocal gained greater visibility and control over its print marketing expenditures, ensuring maximum ROI on its investments.

Embracing Web2Print

With Web2Print, you can harness the power of scalability, automation and customisation. It's a transformative solution for your print marketing needs, helping you achieve your goals efficiently and more easily than ever before.

Web2Print has immense potential and can revolutionise the way you connect with your audience. Get started today and enhance your print marketing strategies — our team is on hand and ready to guide you through the entire process.

Book a consultation today to receive tailored solutions to your specific needs and unlock the potential of Web2Print. 


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