Artwork Guidance

We always get questions about setting up artwork for print, we’re listening and we want to help.

We have created this page to help our customers create brilliant print ready artwork, giving maximum results with minimum stress.

How to create Print Ready PDF

Step 1

Choose a file format. PDF works best.

Step 2

Add a bleed area, we suggest 3mm. This is only required for bleed-to-edge artwork.

Step 3

Embed all fonts or convert to vector paths.

Step 4

Save your artwork as a single-layered image using a CMYK colour model.

Download our B&B Print Preset

Step 1

Go to Adobe PDF Presets management - The path is file > Adobe PDF Presets > Define

Step 2

Load our B&B Press Print preset you’ve just downloaded - Click on Load, locate the file and then “Open”.

Step 3

Your B&B Press preset has now been imported in Adobe InDesign. You can now see the preset in your list and can use it when exporting files from Adobe InDesign.

Download Preset

Carbon Balanced Print

As our customer, you are entitled to use our unique Carbon Balanced Print logo on your artwork when it’s printed by us.

There are some guidelines that need to be followed when using this logo, to make your life easy here is an easy to follow guideline list you can follow when designing.

Download Guidelines  Download Logos

Display Print

Here are some templates to help you when creating your artwork for any of our display print products.

Download Display Print Preset

How To Submit Your Artwork

Once your artwork is ready you can upload your files here.

They will arrive in our artwork folder and we will be happy to start work on your order once we receive them.
You will always receive proof from us before we print your order.

Frequently asked questions

What format should I supply my artwork and how should it be set up?
We would suggest sending us a high-resolution print-ready PDF, with ticks and bleeds.
If you need help with this check out our Artwork Guidance page.

If you can’t supply a print-ready PDF the preferred option is an Indesign file. PowerPoint, Word etc are not recommended for high-quality publications.
Should I use RGB or CMYK?
When you prepare artwork for printing, always use CMYK. This means you’ll get the best results. We always send you a proof to make sure you are happy with colour conversions before we print.
Will I see proof before you print my project?

Simple, you can upload our files here. They will arrive in our artwork folder and we will be happy to start work on your order once we receive them. If it is data you are sending for a mailout please send

Can I change something after I’ve had my proof?

Yes - unlike some ‘online’ print companies we will pre-flight check your artwork file and prepare a CMYK print-ready file to send you for your approval before we start the printing process. 

For colour, critical projects contract colour correct proofs can be supplied for a small additional cost.

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