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In 2014 we were the first print company in the UK to invest in the low energy, high quality wonders of LED UV print. We’ve just taken our service to the next level with the installation of a brand new Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 75 LED UV press.

From testing the inks to reviewing the paper, our team of specialists have been fine-tuning our LED UV printing service to provide our customers with superior print quality every time.

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LED UV Litho print is printed on a press which uses light instead of heat to dry the inks.

LED UV light gives the print finish superior quality and enhanced colour which results in impressive end results, particularly on uncoated papers because dot gain is drastically reduced.

Why use this service?

Our LED UV press optimises large volume print runs. A simple way to describe LED UV Litho print, it’s like watching HD vs your average SD channel. If superior print quality, is what you are after you are looking in the right place. Using LED UV printing will help you to stand out from your competitors with a more eco-friendly process which produces impressive, striking results.

How it works

Step 1

UV curing works by ditching heat and uses light to dry instead.

Step 2

This instant drying process means no waiting for the ink to dry and using anti-set-off powder spray, which can often create blemishes and markings.

Step 3

The ink doesn’t sink into materials using LED UV making the colours always appear much sharper and vivid.

Step 4

Its instant on/off functionality reduces standby consumption between jobs which, in turn, reduces overall CO2 emissions. Plus, being the environmentally responsible bunch that we are here at B&B Press, we recycle all the plates used in the print production.

Step 5

You’ll receive your perfect projects much quicker than anticipated and be delighted with your order.

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LED UV uses around 20% less ink than conventional printing presses because there is no absorption of the ink into the paper.


This technique uses 95% less power than conventional infrared drying.

What you can use this service for:

Posters and newsletters

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"The designer used strong colours for the look and feel of the magazine and I was concerned that we might lose some of the vibrancy during the printing process due to our choice of paper stock.

The equipment and processes used by B&B Press meant that we could use the paper we wanted but lost none of the vibrancy of the artwork. The finish is superb and met all our expectations. And more importantly, our readership love it and I’m getting some really good feedback."

RNCM (Royal Northern College of Music)

LED UV print is especially brilliant when printed on uncoated stock, this is the matte paper that is very à la mode.

This winning combination creates the kind of print that stops you in your tracks. The kind you take a moment to truly appreciate both the design and feel of, so subsequently you’ll absorb its message. These are the moments you want to create for your brand.

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Frequently asked questions

Should I use RGB or CMYK?
When you prepare artwork for printing, always use CMYK. This means you’ll get the best results. We always send you a proof to make sure you are happy with colour conversions before we print.
What format should I supply my artwork and how should it be set up?

We would suggest sending us a high-resolution print-ready PDF, with ticks and bleeds. If you need help with this check out our Artwork Guidance page.

If you can’t supply a print-ready PDF the preferred option is an Indesign file. PowerPoint, Word etc are not recommended for high-quality publications.

How do I send my artwork files to B&B Press - The file is too large to email?

Simple, you can upload our files here.

They will arrive in our artwork folder and we will be happy to start work on your order once we receive them. If it is data you are sending for a mailout please

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