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Pricing Guide

Your business and campaign goals are unique and so is the bespoke print solution we want to offer you. This means our price will be individual too.
We appreciate seeing a price can make it easier for you to choose a service, this is why we have created a pricing guide.

The guide has been created to help you understand how we price our bespoke sustainable print solutions and the service you can expect from our team. After reading this you should have a better understanding of the way we work and if our service is right for you.


Be Brilliant is more than branding, it's the way we work. We have brilliant staff, use brilliant equipment, produce brilliant print and deliver brilliant ROI for our clients

Brilliant Bespoke Print that Stands Out
Sustainable Print that you can be proud of
Expert Advice & Support throughout your whole project and future projects
A Timeframe that Works For You

Pricing and payment

Do your prices include delivery?
The price we quote will always include delivery of your print  to 1 UK address. (Isle of Man, Jersey and the Highlands of Scotland may attract a small premium)
Does my price include VAT?

No - normally we would quote you a price excluding VAT. 

Many of our products are zero-rated for VAT meaning there is nothing extra to pay than the price on the quote. As a rule of thumb if you can write on the product it will attract additional VAT, but if it’s read-only it’s likely to be zero-rated. If you are unsure please check with our team.

When will I have to pay for my print, can I have an account?
Our regular terms are 30 days end of month for customers who hold an account with us. New customers will be asked for payment by credit card or bank transfer at the time of placing their order until trading terms can be established.

Why Use
B&B Press?

Taking on our own logic behind the Be Brilliant Club we apply this to everything we do

We have brilliant staff, use brilliant equipment, produce brilliant print and deliver a brilliant ROI for our clients.

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