How to Measure the Effectiveness of a Print Advertising Campaign

Posted by B&B Press on 05 February 2019

Run a digital advertising campaign and you can monitor click-through rates (CTR), social media engagements and goal tracking in Google Analytics to see how the campaign’s doing. These tools are useful when it comes to adapting the campaign if you aren’t getting the desired results.

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How to Choose an Effective Direct Mailing List

Posted by B&B Press on 21 January 2019

Businesses are always on the hunt for new customers, but it’s not just as simple as that. You’ve got to know where to find them and how to approach them in the most effective manner. If you look in the wrong places and use the wrong medium to try and attract new customers, it’s not going to be very effective at all.

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Questioning the Value of Print Advertising? Here's Why You Shouldn't

Posted by B&B Press on 10 January 2019

As technology has rapidly evolved and grown over the past decade, many businesses have started to neglect and question the power that the more traditional methods of advertising possess.

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What is Web to Print?

Posted by B&B Press on 03 January 2019

Web2print offers online tools for creating high-quality, consistent printing jobs for your business. It’s sometimes referred to as “remote publishing” or a “print e-commerce solution”, so don’t be confused if you come across these terms when looking for the right print supplier.

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What is Embossed Printing and How Can it Promote Your Brand

Posted by B&B Press on 11 December 2018

When it comes to printing a leaflet or brochure, there’s a wide range of techniques and options available to you. Choose the right combination and you’ll create printed marketing that grabs the eye of readers and elevates your brand. Embossed printing is a popular method of doing this, but what is embossed printing and where is it best used?

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Thinking Outside the Box with Printed Packaging Boxes

Posted by B&B Press on 03 October 2018

When it comes to printing, we often automatically think about stock like paper and card. But it doesn’t just stop there. You can print on just about anything really and bespoke printed solutions, for example, printed packaging boxes are a great example. Here’s what they are, why they’re a good way to show off products and some innovative designs to inspire you.

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Can Newsletters Be Part of a Charity Marketing Strategy in 2019?

Posted by B&B Press on 28 September 2018

Charity marketing strategies in 2019 have to be more creative than ever before. There are so many ways of reaching out to an audience now through digital means and print that you’ve got to differentiate yourself in order to stand out from the crowd.

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The Pros and Cons of Buying GDPR Mailing Lists (and How to Get Around the Cons)

Posted by B&B Press on 23 August 2018

You’ve probably read a lot about GDPR and its impact on direct marketing. If you haven’t, then head over to our blog on the basics of GDPR postal marketing. Before GDPR was introduced, mailing lists were an effective way of building a database of contacts for your business. So, post-GDPR, are they still worth your time?

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Why Bespoke Printing Is Important For Selling Luxury Items

Posted by B&B Press on 19 October 2017

A lot needs to be taken into account when it comes time to print your brochures or leaflets. Your premium products need to be shown off in the highest quality possible so that it separates you from the competition, and it also separates your luxury products from those you can find in any ordinary store. Numerous factors come into play, but one of the most important to focus on is the printing aspect, which can determine whether the end result sees your product come off as luxurious, or something which readers aren’t impressed by. Here’s why bespoke printing is important for selling luxury items.

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Advantages of Pamphlets For Business In The Age Of Social Media

Posted by B&B Press on 03 October 2017

In this digital age that we’re in, plenty of businesses have already decided that they don’t need to rely on printing. Instead, they’ve opted to fully embrace the internet and are referring more and more people to their websites and social media pages, but are they missing out? Here are the advantages of pamphlets for business in the age of social media.

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Future Of Printing Technology And How It Will Help Charities And Businesses Like Yours

Posted by B&B Press on 26 September 2017

With the increased use of social media and the advancements of technology, a big assumption from charities and businesses is that printing might be a thing of the past.

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How Effective Are Brochures In Marketing?

Posted by B&B Press on 19 September 2017

With the rise of digital marketing and advertising through social media channels the thought of using a brochure to market your business could seem old fashioned to some. With all of these high-tech marketing measures, how does marketing through a brochure compare?

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Brochures For Schools And Colleges

Posted by B&B Press on 19 September 2017

It's understandable to wonder whether using flyers, leaflets and brochures are still an effective marketing tool for schools, colleges and universities. Think about it, when you’re on a train in the morning, you might see only a handful of people taking in information from a physical newspaper, while the majority will be soaking up the same news from mobile phones or tablets.

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3 Beautiful Examples Of Leaflets With Killer Features

Posted by Sean Sylvester on 05 September 2017

Here’s a breakdown of three beautiful examples of leaflets. We have written this so that the leaflet you produce for your marketing campaign hits your audience right in the WOWZERS!

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Does Leaflet Marketing Still Work For Schools And Colleges?

Posted by B&B Press on 01 September 2017

Although leaflets have been used for many years by businesses, schools, colleges, universities and so on, there is always that big question of just how effective is leaflet advertising? Especially in this digital media age. When it comes to schools and colleges, word of mouth or feeder schools usually promote the next step pupils will take.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Leaflets For Advertising In 2019

Posted by B&B Press on 16 August 2017

Being in the digital age, marketing leaflets are often overlooked, they have been branded as old fashioned and ineffective, however there are many advantages of using leaflets to market your business or product. When done correctly, leaflets are visually appealing and contain useful information about the business or product. As long as paper is still being used, leaflets will never become obsolete and are still an effective marketing tool.

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10 Ways To Make Marketing Leaflets Relevant In 2017

Posted by B&B Press on 19 July 2017

55% of visitors to your website spend less than 15 seconds reading it before they leave. Social media posts are scrolled through at ever increasing rates and attention spans have fallen by 33% since the year 2000.

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