How Web2Print Gives You Control Over Brand Consistency

Achieving brand consistency for your business can boost revenue and foster customer trust.

But as more platforms pop up for marketers to keep their eyes on, maintaining this consistency can become a challenge.

If your business uses print marketing, keeping your brand consistent online and offline might be an issue you've encountered before.

However, by using a service called Web2Print, you can solve many of the most common problems.


The Art of Brand Consistency

Image is everything for a brand. However, maintaining that image across multiple online and offline platforms is a huge challenge.

Brand consistency is crucial in building a brand. Keeping the same voice, design and positioning across all platforms requires a lot of legwork, but it goes a long way in making your brand recognisable.

Brand consistency can increase revenue from 10-20%, so it's worth investing in. And, if you get it right, the benefits go beyond a financial boost.

Nailing your brand consistency can build customer loyalty, boost authority for your products and create an identity for your business that consumers will resonate with.

The issue comes when you consider how many platforms modern businesses have to cover, especially if you want to harness the power of print.


How Technology Can Help You Achieve Brand Consistency

Technology can help you reduce the work required to build a consistent, eye-catching brand.

Design systems, content management systems (CMS), artificial intelligence (AI) and the multiple collaboration opportunities offered by technology keep your brand consistent no matter who creates an asset.

But what about print? How can you remain consistent across your print materials and save time on the design elements that make your brand what it is?

That's where Web2Print comes in.


The Role Web2Print Can Play in the Brand Consistency Process

For marketing teams that work across multiple websites or platforms, Web2Print can offer significant time savings without compromising on quality or brand consistency.

So how does it all work?

Web2Print allows you to keep all of your print assets in one, easy-to-use online catalogue. Assets like business cards, letterheads, postcards, merchandise and other branded material can be kept here, ready for your team to log in and order whenever stock is low.

As all material is branded to your liking, achieving brand consistency across digital and print marketing is made simple.

All templates are editable inside the Web2Print platform, so you can quickly make changes if necessary. Once you're set up, you can perform this step without needing professional design services. Despite the lack of expert design input, you can be sure you won't make costly errors, as all designs are pre-approved and set in place inside the portal.

Plus, you can log in from wherever there is internet access, giving you the freedom and flexibility to replenish your print marketing materials on the move.

The Web2Print ordering portal is tailored specifically to your company, making the ordering and checkout process as efficient as possible.


The Benefits of Web2Print

Web2Print allows you to view, edit and order branded print assets from any internet browser, making it easy for you to stay on brand across digital and print. But what other benefits does it offer?

The Freedom to Customise

All design templates inside Web2Print platforms can be customised, allowing you to stay on brand across multiple campaigns.

For example, you might have one core template for a print asset that needs to be sent to multiple locations. From a master template, you can edit the section detailing the different locations that the asset will be sent to.

There'll be no need to worry about compromising the design of the asset, as this is all pre-determined inside your Web2Print portal as per your company's brand guidelines. You'll be able to change images and details with ease and still keep your assets on brand.


Save Time and Reduce Costs

The way you use time and money is vital for business performance, and Web2Print helps you save on both. 

Web2Print requires you to brief your product just once; after this, you have the freedom to edit and order products yourself without needing approval.

The process frees up your designers to focus on other tasks, making it easy for marketers to create assets themselves.

Time is money, so you'll save on business costs here. However, there are other ways in which Web2Print can help put more pennies back into the company.

Order-on-demand features mean your business only has to purchase what it needs. With Web2Print, there's no requirement to meet print quantity thresholds or have unused inventory.

This will help you optimise your inventory and ordering process, saving you money on your print marketing.


It's a Sustainable Choice

Web2Print can help your business be more sustainable with its print marketing efforts. 

By printing on demand, your company can minimise its waste and emissions output, contributing to a more sustainable way of doing business.

You can take your commitment to the planet a step further by partnering with a sustainable print partner.

Look for companies that carbon balance their print jobs and demonstrate a clear commitment to green printing.

You can shout about your use of sustainable printing methods in your marketing, fostering extra trust in your brand on top of your consistent print assets.


Need Some Guidance on Getting Started With Web2Print?

We're B&B Press, one of the first carbon-balanced printers in the UK. With over 60 years of experience, we know a thing or two about what it takes to make brilliant print.

That's why we've designed our Web2Print process with the end user in mind. We make ordering branded marketing materials easy, removing touchpoints and ensuring your order is with you as quickly as possible.

Looking to unleash your creativity on our user-friendly Web2Print service? Chat with our friendly team and see how we can help you achieve your marketing goals. Click below to get started.


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