5 Key Reasons to Invest in Web2Print

Merchandise is a key part of marketing that’s ideal for getting your name out there. It’s tangible and helps your brand to be remembered long after a showcase or event. However, there is one downside - you often end up with mountains of stock that you may not use. Sometimes, you even update your branding before you’re able to hand it out to prospective customers.

With Web2Print, you no longer need to order mass amounts of merchandise. All you need to do is log on, create a design and print! We’re covering what Web2Print is, how it works and five key benefits.

What is Web2Print?

As e-commerce has grown and evolved, Web2Print has become more and more popular. It’s ideal for businesses that want to create a wide range of marketing materials. Web2Print gives users the opportunity to create consistent marketing products by enabling them to create their own templates. 

With Web2Print, customers can create the exact marketing materials they would by themselves. Customers can create newsletters, brochures, business cards and more, providing the full range of necessary marketing publications.

How Does Web2Print Work?

Web2Print works as an online ordering platform that’s accessible through a web browser. It has a library where users can upload their business’ branded files to make the ordering process as quick and easy as possible. Templates can be customised and personalised and allow users to take full control of their printing.

What Are the Benefits of Web2Print?

1. Brand Consistency

With Web2Print solutions, you can use your own templates to ensure all of your printed materials stay in line with your brand. When creating a new template, you can customise the designs and personalise it according to your branding for ultimate consistency.

2. Reduces Time

Because you have complete control over the design, you won’t need multiple meetings with third-party designers at various stages of the process. And you won’t have to wait for samples either - everything is available for you to see onscreen and just needs your approval.

3. Reduces Costs

By choosing Web2Print, there’s no need to bulk order merchandise. Instead, you can order them on demand, whenever you need them. There’s no need to have an inventory of merchandise you don’t currently use and can reduce overall costs.

4. Order From Anywhere

To order a new Web2Print item, all you need are your login details and access to a web browser! With Web2Print, you’re not restricted to one location and can place orders wherever you’re located. Plus, more than one person can make the order, which is especially helpful when a member of your team is away.

5. View a Catalogue of Products All at Once

When you’re ready to re-order, you can view your previous orders all at the same time. That means you won’t have to search through invoices and check orders manually to make a repeat order.

If you’d like to learn more about Web2Print and how you can blend digital and print to create a tangible campaign, take a look at our latest Job Of The Week.

Enhance Your Marketing Campaigns with Digital and Print

Our Web2Print portal offers our clients the opportunity to print a variety of marketing collateral with their own branding. It's a bespoke system that can house almost any marketing asset you'd like and creates quality, personalised printed materials at a fraction of the cost.

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