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Rocal - Endurance Doors

Why is this job brilliant?

This JOTW is a little bit different to our usual kind, rather than focusing on the finished print this is more about the process, the ordering process that is. We pride ourselves on being brilliant and that’s about the whole brand journey, so let me share this brilliant example of our Web 2 Print portal with so you can discover how we can make print ordering one less job for you to stress over.


Our client Rocal are a high-end composite door manufacturer and operate under several brands, Endurance doors being their most established and recognised name. Rocal are a trade only supplier.

They wanted a marketing portal that could support their many customers who are all over the UK. Their client base ranges from a single person installer to large networks with showrooms.

The W2P portal we created for Rocal offers the opportunity to purchase brochures, leaflets showroom collateral and general marketing materials with ‘Endurance Door’ branding, it also generates digital assets such as website banners and social media adverts.

In fact, the system is very bespoke and that's one of the reasons it’s such a great platform, the portal can house almost any marketing asset you’d like your clients to have available in their marketing toolkit.

It allows them to order personalised branded materials, for example having the ability to add their own logo, URL, and showroom address.


It allows the individual seller to have quality bespoke personalised printed materials at a fraction of the cost of doing it themselves. That’s a brilliant thing to be able to offer your clients.

The portal can be accessed 24/7 from all over the world allowing their customers to order products from home, which right now it absolutely necessary. Even as we move into the ‘new normal’ the way we all work has changed, and we are all going to need to do things on a more remote basis, W2P ticks all the boxes.

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Rocal said “Having our own Web 2 Print system has allowed our business to tackle several different challenges we have been handicapped by for some time. Firstly, it has allowed us to channel the hundreds of Marketing Support requests from our nationwide network of Trade Customers through a neat, simple to navigate and reliable system. This means less requests are missed and allows us to offer a speedier turnaround for our customers.

Secondly, the ability to quickly rebrand professionally designed, white labelled artwork to feature our Trade Customer’s own logo and branding has been a game changer for us. Now, we have to invest less in our own internal Graphic Design function and our customers are buying more branded marketing materials than ever before – all of which helps them promote our products and deliver a superior sales performance.”

That’s just some of many W2P benefits, if you’d like to know more check out this page.



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