Web to Print vs. Traditional: Which Is Best for Your Business?

Web to Print services have changed how businesses and individuals can conveniently access high-quality print products.

Traditional print methods still offer great value to customers, but the convenience and efficiency of Web to Print services may make this option more favourable in specific scenarios.

Here, we'll look into the pros and cons of Web to Print and traditional methods, outlining which option is best for your business.

An Overview of Web to Print

Web to Print, or Web2Print or W2P, is a service that leverages online platforms to allow users to customise and order printed materials directly from web browsers.

Using Web to Print, customers can upload designs, work from templates and make real-time edits, creating a user-friendly and efficient service for on-demand printing.

Web to Print: The Advantages

Using Web to Print offers various advantages to businesses looking to boost brand consistency and reduce costs.

Promote Brand Consistency

By using templates, your business can ensure any printed materials you produce stay on brand.

W2P templates can be made with customised designs and personalisation in mind, offering the best possible experience for your customers.

Fast Turnarounds

W2P gives you control over the designs and templates for your prints. Once you're up and running, this means less time spent in meetings finalising designs for your products.

Plus, there's no need to wait for any samples to be sent. Everything is available to view on-screen, making the approval process much shorter.


For marketing teams operating across multiple sites, Web to Print can be a game changer. It offers the advantage of centralised control, allowing you to manage and customise print materials across various locations.

Unlike traditional printing methods, which often require coordination with different local printers, W2P enables a seamless and standardised approach. By leveraging this service, you’ll save time, reduce errors and maintain a cohesive brand message effortlessly.

Lower Costs

The ability to order on demand cuts out many of the traditional steps involved in a print order, reducing overall costs.

Reduced overhead costs associated with physical print stores also means W2P can offer competitive pricing. Although there’s an initial set-up cost for W2P, it’s usually more cost-effective once you’re up and running.

Convenience and Customisation

W2P services offer added convenience to customers as orders can be placed 24/7 from anywhere with internet access.

Users also have the flexibility to customise designs, choose whichever materials they wish and personalise orders to meet customer preferences.

Is There Still Value in Traditional Print?

Traditional print still has huge value, and the decision between W2P and traditional will depend on your project timelines and goals.

With traditional print, you'll likely have access to print experts who can provide valuable advice on design choices, different printing techniques and paper selection for your goals.

By having access to print professionals, you'll also have direct oversight of your products during the print process. This extra layer of quality control gives you more chance to nail your final product.

Traditional printing methods also outweigh your options if you opt for the added convenience of W2P. Specific projects require special printing methods to achieve your goals, such as letterpress or foil stamping.

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Web to Print: Will You Get the Same Quality?

When it comes to W2P services, one of the main queries surrounds the quality difference between W2P and traditional methods.

Traditional methods have always been associated with superior print quality, especially in the event of specialised techniques and flashy finishes.

However, recent advancements in digital printing technology have narrowed this gap, and W2P services can now produce high-quality prints for various scenarios.

With modern W2P, you can achieve the same result with a more streamlined approach to ordering print products. If you order a lot of repeat prints or make minor adjustments to your artwork between orders, Web to Print could bring great benefits to your print ordering processes.

When deciding, consider cost, convenience and any special requirements needed to reach your goals. It's worth reaching out to an expert printing partner for guidance if you're still unsure which route to take.

Web to Print: The Sustainable Choice?

Both W2P and traditional methods have environmental factors to consider. 

W2P services can help to reduce waste through on-demand printing, but there are environmental impacts to consider regarding shipping materials.

You’ll also have added visibility over stock levels and be notified when a reorder needs to be placed. With W2P, you’ll never over-order as you can always see how much stock you have left, reducing print waste.

When there's a focus on large-volume runs, traditional printing can be more sustainable if managed responsibly using eco-friendly materials and efficient processes.

With sustainable printing, there are various factors you need to consider, some more complicated than you may think. 

Need a hand with making your printing as sustainable as possible? Our guide on driving sustainability for your company's printing can help.

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