Brochure Design Inspiration That You Need To Know For 2019

'New year, new me' can be annoying to hear, but it's a perfect opportunity for businesses to start from scratch and set themselves apart from the competition. So, ditch the outdated methods and consider some newer, unique designs to implement. Here's the brochure design inspiration that businesses like yours need to know for 2019. 


Folds, colours, typography - a lot of factors contribute to making an effective brochure design. It's important to know that not every business will be inspired by the same designs. Your classic companies won't care about bright, unconventional colours, while the newer, outside-of-the-box companies will push boundaries this year. So, let's run through some of the major components to look out for.

Brochure Designs

black and white brochureImage Credit: LogoPeople

Simplicity at its finest. It's a black and white brochure which remains consistent throughout, keeping in tone with the brand. That's something businesses should consider in 2019.

Depending on the type of brand you are, black and white can sometimes gauge more interest than vivid colours. Think luxury cars like Bentley and Rolls Royce who would massively benefit from similar brochure designs.

Minimal text. Engaging images. As you can see, you don't even need to use every space on the page.

yellow and black brochureImage Credit: Neat Designs

It's not black and white, but it has the same level of impact because of how nicely the bright yellow bounces off the darker paper. It instantly draws attention and finding two or three colours that perfectly complement each other is one key way to make readers want more.

Look at how images dominate over the text. Look at the size of the images. None are the same size as they all vary to stand out even more. As for the text at the side, it's placed vertically as opposed to horizontally which is something different and more unique that businesses should carefully implement in 2019 without going overboard.

yellow landscape brochureImage Credit: Graphic Design Junction

Buck an older trend of brochures that seem too 'stop-start.' Eyes naturally flow from the left to the right so brochures in now need to be more of a continuation. To keep that interest there, don't create brochures that seem like chapters of a book. Instead, make it flow.

The above brochure has conveyed that perfectly by subtly having part of the image on the left page while the majority remains on the right between blocks of text.


Businesses shouldn't feel the need to create folds in brochures that are impossible to decipher. Again, brochure folds will benefit some businesses and for others, a standard leaflet design works best. Before taking inspiration, find out and decide on the type of business you are and whether you even want folds in a brochure.

folding examplesImage Credit: Design Inspiration

There's no right or wrong way to fold a brochure. It primarily depends on the content you include. For example, you won't see a lookbook - which is essentially a set of photographs displaying a designer or brand's new collection - folding in a way where the content and images aren't easy to digest. 

The images will be visually appealing and clear to see without any folds running through them.

This year, expect certain businesses to push the boundaries to create folds which aren't usually seen in brochures. If you are looking for more in-depth inspiration in folds...

folding example brochuresImage Credit: INE101 Blogspot


Creative, unique typography is still one of the key aspects of brochure trends moving forward. Typography needs to include imagination and creativity to make it eye-pleasing - and there's no one way of including typography either.

Cropped typography

Cropped typography picked up steam in 2019 and businesses should look to implement it in brochures this year. This is the art of erasing parts of letters yet still keeping the readability. It requires a lot of creativity and effort, but the end results are worth it.

cropped typography exampleImage Credit: Kiriata

cropped typography designImage Credit: Pinterest

chaotic typography

Typography that gives off a chaotic vibe is another that will benefit businesses that fit the tone. Chaotic typography is a trend that gained prominence towards the end of 2017 and is set to boom in 2018. While aligning letters and words can make for an easier read, readers see this all the time.

Instead, using unconventional orders of words and letters is something you should consider on certain pages.

chaotic typographyImage Credit: Pinterest

chaotic typeface brochureImage Credit: Pinterest

Negative space typography

Remember, your brochures don't need to have every corner filled with text and images. Empty spaces can be a killer part of a design which can form distinctive shapes. Combining negative space with typography will be a popular option as it looks simplistic and effortless. It's popular because the elements from the back come to the front through the wording.

negative space typographyImage Credit: Pinterest

Solid Colours Work...But Unconventional Colours  & Gradients Are Making A Comeback

We're not talking your usual rainbow gradient on WordArt back on Microsoft Word from years ago.

There's nothing wrong with using solid, block colours. You saw that above - where simple black and white colours can have an even bigger impact. Again, it all depends on the type of business making the brochure. Tag Heuer and the expensive hotel that's been booked out for six months won't incorporate bright purple and blue gradients.

On the flip side, businesses that do fit the tone of gradients and bright colours will be using it more in 2019. Think Instagram, Spotify and certain magazines. They all use unconventional colours because sticking to traditional colours won't cut it anymore. Use a handful of colours to create something new and exciting instead - within reason.

gradient brochureImage Credtit: Behance

In the brochure above, look at how subtle the grey gradient is. It's almost unnoticeable but the further down you look, the lighter the colour gets. 

fast company gradient coloursImage Credit: Venngage

Look at what Fast Company have done. They've chosen to use more non-traditional colours on their covers to entice readers more than they would with a solid black cover.

Use that logic in your brochures. Think which colours and gradients will entice your readers into picking up your brochure and keeping it in their hand, rather than ignoring it completely.

Enhance The Brochure With An Effective Printing Technique

There is a lot to consider when creating a brochure for your business. However, don't dive in with what has already been done years ago. Instead, take inspiration from the above and go and craft yourself a ridiculously creative brochure that no reader will want to put down. To achieve that, the right printing technique is also important.

While any printer can print out a brochure, you'll lose all of the unique factors if the best one isn't chosen. One that's proven to be a success with consistently brilliant results is LED UV printing. With this type of printing, business brochures get:

  • Consistently high quality finishes
  • Colour enhancement
  • Material versatility
  • Faster turnaround times

LED UV printing

Along with this, the type of stock chosen also plays a big role in deciding the quality of a business brochure.

Put This Knowledge Into Action

Numerous factors go into creating a luxury brochure, and the right printing technique is just one of the major aspects you need to consider.

For even more tips and advice, ranging from stock choices to photography, download our free guide on how to produce a luxury brochure.

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