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Corporate Brochure
Folder Cover: Essential Silk 300 gsm
Text: Essential Silk 150 gsm
4 colour process LED UV throughout
Folder Cover: Soft Touch Lamination & Spot UV Varnished to the Inner Cover: Soft touch laminated one side, silver foil blocked outer front and back coverText: Spot UV to page 1

Why is this job brilliant?

How do you create a brochure that lives up to the standards of a bespoke luxury yacht? I mean this calls for premium printing at its finest. We are delighted with this finished piece as are our customers... let me tell you why.
Out of all our five senses, touch plays a vital role. It tells our brain how we perceive something, it influences our emotions and our power to make decisions. The choice of stock for this brochure is key, the soft touch lamination creates that perception of luxury before the reader has even opened the brochure.
The sophisticated brochure design is enhanced by the high-quality finish of our LED UV press. Every significant detail is brought to life in HD from the manufacturing process to candid shots on the open water. Using a combination of printing techniques throughout the brochure including silver block foil and spot UV varnish to the inner pages, all add to that feel of ultimate luxury.
We have pulled out all the stops to make sure the Princess brochure is, well, fit for a princess - The only thing missing is a glass of Champagne. 
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LIKED prince motor YACHT'S   JOB?

The soft touch lamination combined with the LED UV press finish gives the princess brochure the look of ultimate luxury, similar to the feeling one must get when they ride on a yacht. 

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