Telling a Brand Story: Bring Your Brand to Life With Brilliant Print

Every brand has a story. What that story is could influence a potential customer to choose your business over another.

By shouting about your company's core values, you'll have more chance of resonating with potential customers, building trust and encouraging them to purchase from your business.

Here's how to tell your brand story effectively to achieve the best results.

Why Tell Your Brand's Story?

A compelling brand story can be beneficial for businesses in many ways. The modern customer is interested in more than what fills your shelves — they want to know what your brand stands for and what values you support.

If your brand supports initiatives that you think your customers will resonate with or has a story to tell about its humble beginnings, there's no reason not to shout about it. 

Telling your brand's story and giving customers an insight into why you do what you do can:

  • Build trust
  • Encourage engagement
  • Increase loyalty

How to Tell Your Brand's Story

If your brand has a story to tell, there are steps you can follow to ensure it delivers maximum impact to your audience. 

Here are a few things to cover to get you started.

Every Story Starts Somewhere

Was your brand started over a chat in the pub? Or after years of research? Or does it stem from a lifelong passion?

Starting your brand story from day one is a natural way to kick things off, giving the consumer an insight into where everything began.

Shout About the Why

If you haven't already, think about the why instead of the what when it comes to your brand. 

It's easy to see what a business does, but companies often neglect to shout about why. Does your brand look to serve the local community? Or does it support sustainable initiatives when it comes to making its products?

If potential customers resonate with your values, they'll be more likely to choose you over another business that doesn't make it clear what they stand for.

Add a Human Touch

Many modern consumers look far beyond what products or services you offer. Adding a human touch to your marketing makes your messaging more likely to resonate with others.

Tell your brand's story in the most human way possible. People aren't robots and don't like to be spoken to like one — 88% of consumers say authenticity is important regarding the brands they support.

Go beyond this by looking to the people who make your brand what it is. Tell the story of the faces behind the business to add an extra layer of authenticity to your brand story.

Telling Your Brand's Story With Print

Your brand's mission and values must be consistent across your messaging. Make sure your website's 'about us' section is easily accessible and filled with reasons why your business does what it does.

But why stop there? Telling your brand story can be a powerful tool when influencing your customers to choose you over a competitor. Doing so by using the power of print can leave a longer-lasting impact on your consumers, ensuring you remain front-of-mind when they make a purchasing decision.

Here are a few reasons you should consider print to promote your business.


Holding Precious Attention

It can be tricky to summarise your brand story and market your products while keeping everything succinct.

The average person usually spends around 20 minutes with a print publication, compared to the average of five minutes a user spends on a digital site. Take advantage of this extra time and deliver impactful messaging to your reader.

Driving Online Interactions

Even though you've chosen to produce print materials, you should still pay attention to your online presence.

By combining online and printed messaging, your campaigns can be up to 400% more effective.

Promote your values with high-quality print and drive users to your online product pages using QR codes or advertising your social media accounts.

Building a Deeper Connection

In a world of oversaturated digital messaging, print stands out. 70% of people say that direct mail communication makes them feel valued.

Not only this, but you'll be creating a longer-lasting impact. 75% of people can recall a brand after a print advertisement, compared to just 44% for online ads.

Produce impactful messaging about your brand's values and ensure your customer thinks of you first when your products or services could be of use.

What's Our Brand Story?

B&B Press goes beyond being passionate about producing brilliant print — we also care about the planet.

We're proud of being one of the first Carbon Balanced Printers in the UK. With over six decades of experience, we've learned a thing or two about offering an excellent print service over the years.

You can read our full brand story from start to finish by visiting the link below.

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