Say it With Print: New Year Marketing Ideas for Your Business

There are several ways you can harness the power of print to market your products, enhance brand identity and reach new customers in 2023.

With the sea of digital content produced daily, marketers often find it challenging to stand out from the crowd. However, innovative print methods can help your brand hit the right notes with its audience.

This blog post will explore new year marketing ideas and how print can still be effective in a digital world.



Brochures still hold weight in marketing, especially when done well. Modern design on high-quality print can provide your audience with an easily-digestible overview of your products or services.

Plus, without the distractions of online pop-ups or in-your-face digital advertising, readers can assess the contents of your brochure at their own pace.

With a brochure, you can still reach your audience online. You can turn your design into an online version, which you can use to link to product pages, direct users to your blog or generate business leads.

You can also use the traditional, tangible brochure to send eyes to your site. QR codes can link directly to any page, meaning you can adopt an omnichannel marketing approach.


Research shows that 90% of retail leaders agree an omnichannel strategy is crucial for business success.


Brochures are a potent marketing tool that adds authority to your business, conveying that your company is established and invests in its branding.

Tangible marketing materials posted through the right letterbox or handed out to the right person at an event can go a long way. Readers usually spend 20 minutes or more with print marketing in hand, while a typical visitor to a digital news site hangs around for less than five minutes.

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Branded stationery is an easy way to establish brand identity and promote your business. Communicating about your brand via digital channels is becoming increasingly complex, so small touches like a branded letterhead or customised stationery can be effective.

Branded pens, notebooks and other promotional items are a quick way to get eyes on your company logo and delight your current or potential customers.

That’s not to say sending a pen with your logo on it will turn a lead into a customer. However, by using this method collectively with other marketing assets, you’ll boost the recognisability of your brand, ensuring you’re front of mind when the right time comes.

High-quality business stationery can be the difference between you and another business. Adopting this cohesive approach with other marketing methods creates the right impression to potential customers and business partners.

Exhibition Collateral

With events on the rise in a post-pandemic world, they can provide an excellent opportunity to market to a broad audience of interested consumers.

You’ll be tasked with standing out from tens or even hundreds of businesses at an event, so making the right impression is essential.

Exhibition collateral, such as business cards, flyers, brochures or catalogues can send the right message about your brand alongside marketing a product or service.

It isn't just collateral you can use to enhance your brand’s messaging at an event. You can also consider:

  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Pop-up walls
  • Flags and bases
  • LED lightboxes
  • Outdoor banners

To ensure your messaging is effective, ensure it’s consistent across your display print marketing. It’s also vital not to compromise your design with bad-quality printing. Learn about high-quality event printing by visiting our Display Print webpage.


Branded packaging is another effective way to boost your brand’s identity. Brand packaging is typically the first thing the consumer sees when viewing your product.

It’s the first impression a potential customer has of your brand, so it’s vital you make a good one.


Clothing brand Girlfriend Collective matches its aim to produce clothes from 100% recycled materials with its packaging. Their stylishly simple packaging, even down to the threads used to stitch their cloth pouches together, is made entirely from recycled materials. Nice! (Credit:

In an increasingly competitive global market, small touches can often separate brands from one another.

52% of consumers have changed product brands due to new packaging design.


Unboxing experiences mean more to consumers than ever, with YouTube ‘unboxing’ videos often reaching views in the millions.

Sustainability is also a critical factor in effective and responsible brand packaging. It’s crucial to meet consumer preferences to leave the right impression. With 88% of respondents saying they'd be more loyal to a company that supports tackling environmental issues, you should consider this with your packaging.

Direct Mail

Despite being one of the oldest forms of marketing, direct mail is still one of the most powerful tools for developing customer relationships.

Online messaging can get lost in the digital noise consumers face daily, whereas direct mail is interacted with 4.2 times on average. Not only this, but 95% of direct mail is also engaged with, making it a key channel for reaching your audience.

Depending on your mail strategy, you can reach any audience. For example, if your audience is unlikely to use social media, direct mail can be an alternative method to get eyes on your products.

However, if they're likely to be on social media, a QR code could link them to your social media accounts or your website.

Discovering your target market and how to reach them is vital to ensuring your direct mail has a strong ROI. By focusing on who your target audience is and where to send mail, you’ll save money by having to deliver less mail.

Here are some tips to ensure your direct mail is as effective as possible.


Run Tests

After you’ve defined which areas you’re going to target, send test batches with a way to track customer engagement, such as a coupon.

Implement a Next Step

Delivering the right message with eye-catching mail is one thing, but always ensure they have a next step, such as buying a product, redeeming a discount, answering a survey or visiting a webpage.

Proofread Your Mail

Mail could be the first time a potential customer has interacted with your brand, so making a positive first impression is crucial. Mistakes in your copy or the wrong tone will significantly reduce the effectiveness of your messaging.

Remember Omnichannel

Omnichannel approaches to marketing can be highly effective. Leverage the power of mail and direct users to webpages of your choice to keep them interacting with your brand.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are a great way to establish or maintain business relationships with partners, customers, suppliers or employees.

A corporate gift is one given by a company and can improve brand awareness or increase your customer base. Bespoke corporate gifts can convey your company values, such as sustainability.

One example of a corporate gift from B&B Press is our ‘Plant a Seed’ box.

example of B&B Press 'Plant a Seed' box

With sustainability at the heart of all we do, our ‘Plant a Seed’ box is a way to thank our clients for choosing sustainable print for their projects. We send a certificate to show how much they have Carbon Balanced throughout the year and seeds to plant for their desktop garden.

Harness the Power of Print Today

If you’re looking to adopt any marketing methods described above, ensure you don’t compromise your design with poor print.

B&B Press can offer high-quality, sustainable print for projects of all sizes. We Carbon Balance every job we perform, meaning your business and our planet can reap the benefits.

Need more certainty about the cost of your next project? Tell us your goals and ideas, and a member of our expert team will respond with your bespoke quote.

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