Why You Need a Managed Print Service (and is it the Same as a Print Partner?)

A managed print service (MPS) is the same thing as a print partner. While some businesses may see an MPS as one that manages and oversees hardware repairs and supplies - we see it a little differently. It basically means you’ll have a dedicated 21st Century print partner that can make your print needs a reality.

Here are the reasons why managed print services are worth it. 

Benefit From Industry Knowledge and Experience

Print manufacturing is a complex process. Bleeds, cuts, stock types - there are a lot of specific print terms and it can take a while to get your head around them. Luckily, this isn’t the knowledge you’ll need to create your artworks. 

Print customers rely on dedicated services that not only produce the work and complete it on time, but also offer bespoke guidance and advice. If you want to create stellar printed media, expert help is the way to go.

With an experienced team on-hand, you’ll be able to talk through your requirements, solve any issues and sand off any rough edges, ensuring cost-effectiveness and impact for your work.

Explore a Wide Range of Print Services

One aspect of print that makes it so complex is the sheer amount of options you have. 

For example, here at B&B Press, we specialise in a wide range of print, including:

Litho printing

Litho printing is simple and effective. It’s where the image you want is produced on a plate which is then covered in ink and used to print on a stock type.

At B&B Press, we also specialise in LED UV lithographic printing - a much higher quality than standard litho. It uses ultraviolet light to dry the ink incredibly fast, meaning the ink doesn’t have time to seep down into the paper, preserving colour and detail much better. 

Digital printing

When you want to create impressive and engaging marketing material, you can’t go wrong with digital printing. An effective MPS will (hopefully) have an in-house digital suite you can work with to create short-run, quick turnaround pieces that can really wow an audience.

Display print

Sometimes bigger is better. Large format (otherwise known as wide format printing) gives you the option to have your graphics printed to almost any size on any material.

Imagine being able to create more bespoke, practical print pieces such as vinyl banners, signage, floor graphics, billboards, window and exhibition graphics - as well as other things. Large format is incredibly eye-catching so by working with a qualified MPS, you’ll see a great return on your design efforts.

Print management

Printing isn’t just about posters or leaflets. It can include promotional material included as part of a wider marketing campaign - items such as mugs, pens, bags and t-shirts.

We work with add-on providers, sourcing and managing the whole process of creating additional print elements for your campaign. We’re all about creating an easy, simple transaction that will give you peace of mind.

Web2Print services

We live in a connected world - why should print be any different? Logistics, quality and automation should be key services within the offerings of an MPS.

We employ a dedicated database upload facility. Basically, it means you can upload designs, personalise communications, order quickly and check for stock levels. You’ll also be able to:

  • Edit, approve and order your marketing materials online.
  • Explore full usage reports.
  • Discover the virtual stationery store for all print stock items. 
  • Manage your company brand consistency.
  • Access this system anytime anywhere through the cloud.

Mailing services

Another benefit of why managed print services are worth working with is a range of in-house mailing services.

The right MPS will be able to provide for your mailing needs. It might be creating a newsletter with additional inserts polywrapped with a carrier sheet, using international post or hand fulfilment for more complex items. A professional MPS has got it covered.

Our bespoke capabilities at B&B cover all of this and more, offering flexibility, accomplished data management and excellent value across the board.

Storage & Distribution

Print it. Store it. Send it.

Only the best MPS providers will enhance and support your print journey the whole way through. 

Ordering several small runs of print adds up in costs. Ordering one massive bulk buy might be cheaper, but where do you store it all? Our storage and distribution services solve these issues every time. 

With an impressively-sized, insured warehouse, your print, individual items or POS such as boards or banners will be easily stored and on-hand for when you need it.

Hit Every Deadline

A dedicated MPS impresses at each stage of the print journey, meaning the chance of any hiccups along the way are greatly reduced. So, your print is more likely to be on time, every time.

Experienced MPS providers like B&B Press help you to create a manage your deadlines, both realistically and efficiently.

Adapt to Modern Demands

The world is changing. Markets are changing. There’s a growing demand for print providers to be responsible in terms of their impact on the environment.

Modern, responsible MPS experts make sure their work makes a visual impact without the environmental one. Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

As you can tell, a lot goes into the print process from a dedicated MPS like B&B Press. So if you’ve got a need for print, where do you begin? 

Take a look at the range of brilliant print services we offer, and if you're still not sure get in touch, with over 60 years experience we can give you trustworthy advice to make your next campaign a huge success.

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