You may already be using Carbon Balanced Paper and feel that you’re doing your part for a more sustainable future. However, it’s not just about paper, it’s about Carbon Balanced Print. As consumers want greener products and processes, it’s vital you’re working with businesses that offer Carbon Balanced Print too.

We’re taking a closer look at the World Land Trust and why Carbon Balanced Print is so important. Here are 4 reasons to use Carbon Balanced printers.

  1. Carbon Balanced Print Offsets Emissions
  2. Carbon Balanced Print is a Unique Offering
  3. Carbon Balanced Print Enhances Your Brand
  4. Preserve Endangered Species and Conservation

1. Carbon Balanced Print Offsets Emissions

Carbon Balancing is where the carbon emissions of a product have been estimated and an equivalent amount of carbon is prevented from being released or is absorbed from the atmosphere (which is known as ‘sequestering’) -  facilitated by the World Land Trust (WLT).

2. Carbon Balanced Print is a Unique Offering

A certified Carbon Balanced Printer has measured, reduced and offset the unavoidable CO₂ emissions from their print operations. When printing on Carbon Balanced Paper, these certified printers offer a Carbon Balanced Print solution and can provide a unique registered Carbon Balanced Print logo for inclusion on the job. 

This is ideal for any brands who want to show their audience that they work as sustainably as possible.

3. Carbon Balanced Print Enhances Your Brand

Carbon Balanced Paper means the production and distribution process of the paper has been balanced by the World Land Trust. However, a Carbon Balanced Printer provides a much stronger offering and helps protect even more natural environments.

Carbon balancing your print will reduce your carbon impact and enhance your brand. You’ll also be issued with a unique World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Print logo that will demonstrate your commitment to reducing your carbon impact. 

You’ll also receive a certificate advising the amount of CO₂ balanced and the area of land protected as a result of your positive action.

4. Preserve Endangered Species and Conservation

By using Carbon Balanced paper, not only will you help protect the 42 endangered species that inhabit Vietnam’s Khe Nuoc Trong - such as the Southern White-cheeked Gibbon and Orlov’s Treefrog - but you’ll also protect the forests under looming threat. 

With this switch, you lock in the carbon that would otherwise be released, ensuring the continued absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Choosing to use Carbon Balanced Paper is an undoubtedly kinder decision for the planet. 

Fortunately, there’s more you can do to continue your commitment to the planet and make your print process greener.

The Next Steps Toward Eco-Friendly Print

If you’re looking to improve your print methods, download our Sustainable Printing Checklist. As we’re one of only 31 Carbon Balanced Printers in the UK, we provide actionable advice on the alternative processes available and how to make your printing more eco-friendly and green. 

The more of the checklist you tick off, the more you’re doing to keep our forests thriving. 

Click below to download.

Sustainability Checklist

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You’re probably well aware of the growing importance and demand of eco-friendly products.

Modern technology has made these kinds of items increasingly cheaper to produce and more visually appealing. They’re a great way of lowering your business’ environmental impact - but how exactly do you produce the best kind of print using these methods?

Our checklist will give you the best advice for creating an impactful sustainable print solution.