4 Factors For Successful Business Brochure Design

Before taking your designs down to the closest printing business, take a step back and ask yourself whether you've considered all of the factors that make for a successful business brochure design.

The 4 factors you need to consider are:

1. The Materials You're Using

An important factor for a successful brochure design is deciding on the material - known as 'stock' - you're going to be printing on.

Handing out a small business card or a poorly produced leaflet probably won’t get you the results you want. You need to put time and effort into your brochures to match the quality of the products or services you’re offering.

If potential customers can see and feel that effort has gone into producing the materials, then you’re only increasing your chances of success.

The aim is to leave an impression and not make the reader want to put your brochure down. Pick a stock that makes it feel luxury.

Options include a silk stock, as the coating helps make the colours of your premium products a lot more defined and brighter, while also making the content readable without any reflections. Uncoated paper is another popular choice for brands chasing that luxury feel thanks to its soft and tactile quality to ensure optimum comfort in the readers' hands, along with the sharp and defined features it allows.

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2. The Design Of Your Brochure

No business brochure can be successful or feel luxurious when the design and layout hasn't been perfected and used to its full potential.

If it fits with the tone of your brand, then you may choose to incorporate folding options to really stand out and grab attention.

Although, use caution and think about some luxury brands and their designs. You might not see some high-end car manufacturers and jewellery stores utilising folding options as sometimes, simpler is better.

Then, you also need to think about the fonts and typefaces you're going to be using, as you can't afford to give off an unprofessional feel by having a different font on each page.

The colour scheme is also important, as the colours and fonts are what make your business instantly recognisable. The look and feel of your brochure needs to be consistent throughout, so make sure you or your designers have a set colour palette to match your font choice and bring it all together in an understated way.

While you may already have all of the copy written down, it’s important to match it to your innovative brochure design and layout. If your design is formal and on a more serious tone, which luxury hotels, car companies and watchmakers or sellers tend to have, then don’t inject a colourful and fun vibe.

It’s all about the consistency and the balance to set you apart and make you noticeable.

When you’re designing the layout of your luxury brochure, think of how the information will flow once it has been produced. The eye naturally drifts from left to right and attention is always focused on clear headings and striking images.

Design the layout in such a way that it easily guides the reader through the brochure and draw attention to specific areas you want to focus on, and don't forget a subtle prompt at the end which might be as simple as offering more content online.

3. The Images You've Taken

Your successful business brochure must include pictures.

Create your own images by using a high-spec camera (at least a mid-level DSLR), so the premium quality images you include in your luxury brochure are original and can’t be used by anyone else. The striking and original images included in your luxury brochure is what will set you apart from competitors, making your brand stand out and increase interest in your product.

If you sell luxury watches, for example, use high quality images of the watches and timepieces you have on offer, using different angles and lighting.

The same principle should be applied if you’re a prestigious jeweller, as your premium products are what's needed to be the centre of attention. To make your business brochure truly successful, put effort into photographing your product.

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Image Credit: Pixabay

Ensure the resolution settings on your camera are correct, so they don't come out pixelated or blurry. Make sure you remain in focus when taking pictures, so it might be worth investing in a tripod to keep your premium products in the limelight.

Consider your lighting options too, as natural light is usually a better option than using flash which can cause unflattering reflections and wash out your images. Make sure you eliminate red eye and also think about using different angles, composition and filling the frame with your products.

Post-editing shots is always beneficial. Adobe Lightroom will have everything you need in order to do the editing yourself and achieve a consistent look.

4. The Print Technique You Pick

To get the best possible results for your luxury brochure, using an LED UV printing technique is what will make your brochures consistently perfect, and impress your customers. So, it’s time to embrace the future of printing technology and make your luxury brochures the finest on the market.

LED UV printing is now a highly popular choice because of its many benefits, both on the environment as well as your brochures.

Your business will benefit from faster turnaround times with LED UV technology. It's so efficient due to its quick drying process which can reduce the turnaround of the majority of high-quality printing jobs by around 40 percent, while you won't have to compromise the quality.

The method also ensures that ink doesn't overly sink into the materials, so the colours are much sharper, brighter and more vivid to provide the best visual presentation. This is thanks to the LED UV rays near-instantly drying the inks.

Once printed, you’ll feel the superior quality and admit just how high end it looks. In this digital age that we’re currently in, a unique, luxury brochure is the best way to capture people’s attention and turn them into customers.

Why Premium Businesses Need Luxury Brochures

First impressions count for everything, and it's a chance to grab someone's attention. Today, the only way you’re going to draw interest to your high end products is by creating quality content to convey your message. To do this, you need to consider every aspect of a brochure design to ensure it creates that vital, immediate and lasting impression.

Brochures form an integral part of marketing and promotion for any business, despite the growing popularity of online marketing initiatives. A well-designed brochure has those captivating visual effects that grab the readers' attention, and has the perfect amount of information packed in so they know your premium product is the only one they're going to need.

Now Find Out More

We've touched on what you need for a successful business brochure. By downloading our guide to how to create a luxury brochure you will find out how to put all of the above blog together and create a new marketing venture for your luxury product.

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