How To Get High Quality Prints For Marketing High Quality Products

High-end businesses like yours can no longer rely on standard or outdated printing techniques if you’re trying to achieve and surpass your goals. In today’s digital age, the only way you’re going to draw interest from readers, stand out from your competition and showcase your premium products is by creating quality content to convey your message. So, here’s how to get high quality prints for marketing high quality products.

Luxury Magazine Being Read

To pique their interest and turn the readers into loyal customers, you need to consider three main aspects of high quality print - photography, design and the printing technique. If these three pillars have been ticked off, then your luxury brochure or booklet will leave a vital, immediate and lasting impression.

Why Premium Products Need To Be Showcased In High Quality

Your products and services stand out from the rest. The premium timepieces you offer can’t be found at any store on the high street, the spa you’re advertising is exclusive and can’t be booked easily while the luxury cars you have tucked away in your state-of-the-art garage can’t be purchased by just anyone.

If the products and services you’re offering are coming off as premium, then it’s only right that they all deserve to be showcased in premium quality, so that readers instantly know they’re not looking to purchase anything that is available to just anyone.

A printed brochure showcasing your selection of premium watches and jewellery might grab more attention if produced as a lookbook, for example. This format allows you to display all of your styles with the finest photographs possible, highlighting every little detail with striking images so that readers are engrossed.

It’s a lot to consider when creating a high quality brochure, but following the three pillars of high quality prints will help incorporate your luxury products into an equally-luxurious brochure.


To showcase your premium products in your luxury brochure to their full potential, a key factor and the first pillar of high quality prints is getting the photography aspect correct.

Before photographing your products, ensure the settings are correct. Image setting needs to be at the highest possible resolution to help show off your products, rather than printing out blurry and pixelated images that readers won’t be impressed by. Also, remember to stay in focus when photographing your luxury products.

If an individual or group needs to be photographed wearing your luxury products to further connect with your readers, then it’s crucial to avoid red-eye as the readers will be distracted or unimpressed. If the camera you’re using has no red-eye setting, consider using ‘bounce flash’ where you aim the flash above the head of the subject.

Photographing your luxury products in natural light will also help you improve the quality for marketing high quality products. By using the flash on a camera, it can cause unattractive reflections and wash out your images, especially if you’re photographing jewellery and watch faces.

When photographing your product, think about the composition. Make sure there’s nothing distracting in the background that can be avoided. Your luxurious spa, for example, might need to showcase the variety of services on offer, so it’s important to show the venue and the facilities. However, if your photographs include something very distracting in the background, your readers will lose focus.

Experimenting with different angles is another beneficial way to show off your premium product, so avoid taking pictures straight-on as this can get repetitive and isn’t as appealing. Get up close and personal, showcase the different features which will help give the best colours and shadows, especially if your products have fine details that need to be showcased - while filling the frame is another good way of highlighting more of your luxury product’s detailed features.

Tag Heuer CarreraImage Credit: Ernest Jones

When photographing your products, the end result is just as important as the beginning. So, understand the features and continue practising as you’ll pick up beneficial tips and tricks that will help you and your images become more innovative.

Combining these photography factors will help you showcase your premium products to the highest standard, and improve the overall quality of your luxury brochure.


The second pillar to focus your attention on is the design, and this aspect can make or break your project - that’s how important it is. The content of your brochure might sell your premium products perfectly, but as more and more people are becoming visual learners, a poor design and layout could make readers turn away before you even get to convey your message.

Before you can begin to implement all of your content into your luxury brochure to show off your premium products, you should consider various folding options to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, creative brochures capture attention more, but at the same time, don’t go overboard and make the folding so confusing that potential customers are wasting valuable reading time by trying to unfold the brochure.

Folding Options

Although you should avoid overloading your luxury brochure with text - like many other brochures - some text is needed, which means you need to pick the perfect font. Decide on the fonts that either relate to the nature of your business, or fit the brand as a whole. A premium brand will pick an equally premium, sleek font to fit the tone of the brand.

Overloading a brochure with text will decrease the quality of the brochure, so it’s crucial that everything is kept simple and you’re not overwhelming the reader and diluting the main point of the brochure you’re producing. Too much text means the whole design might have to change, while you might have to sacrifice the high quality images as well, but make sure the copy matches the overall design.

The colour scheme is also key to achieving high quality prints, as it helps your brand become instantly recognisable, so make sure you or your designers have a set colour palette to match your font choice and bring it all together.

When you’re designing the layout of your luxury brochure, think of how the information will flow once it has been produced. The eye naturally drifts from left to right and attention is always focused on clear headings and striking images. Design the layout in such a way that it easily guides the reader through the brochure and draw attention to specific areas you want to focus on.

Set a goal for your luxury brochure - a subtle action - and this should be towards the end when the readers have finished. That could mean it’s a stepping stone onto the next step of the reader’s journey. While you’re going to great lengths to show off your premium products, the action might simply involve getting readers to follow you on social media to get even more information. The brochure has already made their products feel premium, so the follow-up service should also feel the same way.

Once the layout has been perfected and it’s time to start considering how you want to print your luxury brochures, you need to choose a stock that reflects your brand, your premium products as well your brochure as a whole. This paper choice is the crucial stage of designing the layout, as a perfect layout and design could be futile if the materials you print on don’t reflect that.

Printing Technique

The reason why LED UV printing is the future is because of its many benefits, both for the environment as well as your brochures that are advertising your premium products and services, and is the final pillar of high quality prints.

Faster turnaround times are something that many businesses prefer, as it means you’re having to wait for a shorter amount of time but you’re going to be receiving perfect brochures in return. LED UV technology is now so efficient due to its drying process that it can reduce the turnaround of the majority of high quality printing jobs by around 40 percent, while you won’t have to compromise the quality.

An LED UV printer in use

To show off your premium products like they deserve to be advertised, LED UV printing ensures that the instant drying technique doesn’t sink ink into the materials, which means colours are much sharper, brighter and more vivid to provide the best visual presentation of the premium products you’re advertising, and instantly grabs the reader’s attention when picking up your brochure.

Ink set off - which is when ink transfers from one sheet to another - is eliminated by the use of LED UV printing, while the original characteristics of your brochure will remain as there’s no requirement to apply any sealing coat. By using this method, no anti-set off powder spray is needed which creates dust, meaning your brochure won’t feature any unnecessary blemishes or markings and the quality of your brochure as well as the premium products you’re advertising remains perfect.

This cutting edge technology ensures it produces consistently stunning results which is bespoke and helps you achieve your desired aims, regardless of your project. It’s proving to be the future for marketing and showcasing your premium products. Once printed, you’ll feel the superior quality and admit just how high end it looks. In this digital age that we’re currently in, a unique, luxury brochure is the best way to capture people’s attention and turn them into customers.

Remember To Choose The Right Print Technique

Finding the right type of printer for any job doesn’t need to be a tricky process, as the right piece of technology can do an amazing job of printing high quality products – and quickly. We’ve come up with an easy guide which highlights all of the different types of printing, and what they’re best used for.

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