Think Print Is Dead? Here Are 6 Reasons Why You’re Wrong

Due to social media and the constant bombardment of digital advertising we receive, it's easy to believe that print is dead or slowly fading out. However, print marketing still holds power and can be a great asset — when combined with your digital strategy.

Here are six reasons why you shouldn't abandon print in your marketing efforts.

  1. Digital Fatigue Is Real
  2. Print Provides a Better Sensory Experience
  3. Print Builds Greater Trust
  4. Print Holds More Attention
  5. Digital Can Now Cost You
  6. Omnichannel Is the Future

1. Digital Fatigue Is Real

We're constantly exposed to digital marketing — from in-app advertising on smartphones to newsfeed adverts. Because of this, we're more likely to tune them out, making it increasingly difficult for marketers' content to receive the required attention.

In a 2022 survey, 36% of consumers said they'd experienced digital fatigue in the last month alone. The overload of digital marketing can be overwhelming for consumers who use their devices frequently.

Digital fatigue has only been increased by lockdowns during the pandemic, with many stuck behind screens for months. Print can provide a welcome break from digital devices and a tangible experience modern technology still struggles to replicate.


2. Print Provides a Better Sensory Experience

Print marketing can provide a better sensory experience for your customers. We form a closer emotional connection with what we're reading by simply touching the material.

One of the biggest drawbacks of digital content is that digitally turning pages or using electronic bookmarks isn't as satisfying as a printed product. But it's not only touch. Modern print methods can implement smell, taste and brilliant colour to ensure your print delivers maximum impact.

3. Print Builds Greater Trust

Print marketing can help you build trust with your customers — 56% of consumers say print is the most trustworthy form of marketing. The focus on fake news has also highlighted a lack of trust in digital channels. Harnessing the power of print is a valuable method to instil trust in your audience.

4. Print Holds More Attention

Certain content, such as luxury brochures, might feature details best showcased in print rather than reducing them to pixels on a screen.

Luxury stock, such as silk paper, can help your product be even more impactful — which could be exactly what your business is after. 

If you're looking for a piece of content to capture your audience's attention, print might be the way to go — print readers spend 20 minutes on average with a publication. Also, 80% of respondents in the same survey said they act on directed print mail advertisements.

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Print technology is evolving and the modern LED UV printing technique is a good example. With benefits such as its quick, eco-friendly ink drying method (UV curing) and ability to print a wide range of stock and produce sharp, vivid colours on the page, LED UV printing is quickly becoming a popular and reliable technique.

5. Digital Can Now Cost You

It was well-known that going digital was the cheaper option in the past. That was why publications such as the Independent chose to abandon their print roots for digital. But in this technological age, digital publishing is becoming increasingly in demand and more expensive.

This boom in popularity has made cost an issue. Businesses with bigger budgets can afford paid social media advertising, better-designed platforms and more features than those with smaller budgets, which leaves the latter struggling to stand out from the competition.

So, what can you do if you want to be noticed? This leads us to the next and final point...

6. Omnichannel Is the Future

Print and digital both have pros and cons, so the best way to draw on their respective positives and lessen the effects of the negatives is to combine the two. 

Remember, the two aren't mutually exclusive if you want the best results. You can keep your customers engaged with interactive digital content that's regularly updated while still delighting them with brochures and catalogues that showcase your products.

For example, you can download our eBook below — which outlines the power of combining print and digital marketing — and you can get in touch to request luxury print samples to see first hand.


Add Print to Your Marketing Strategy Today

A strategy with well-planned digital content and well-produced print can help you break through the digital noise, leading to improved results for your business.

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