Questions You NEED To Be Asking When Requesting Bespoke Printing

For businesses like yours that are looking to stand out, creating printed marketing materials that are the same as other people's isn't the way to make an impact. Now, with all of the technology and expertise available, you should be sourcing those printing companies that can provide bespoke results that are tailored to you and your needs.

However, don't just dive in right away with the first company you find. Here are the questions you NEED to be asking when requesting bespoke printing.

When you're putting together the print order for your business, make sure you're asking for clarification on these five important points which help highlight whether the end results will be truly bespoke, or whether a one-size-fits-all approach has been taken.

The Timescales Given

One of the most important aspects businesses take into consideration is how long a print company will take to deliver the finished products as promised. Whilst the ideal scenario is to have instantly-perfect marketing materials in the quickest time possible, that's not always possible. However, when it's bespoke results you're chasing then understanding the timescales given is vital.

This is because a print company might promise results in two weeks, for example. However, if this timescale is given to every business that walks through their doors then it shows that a bespoke service isn't entirely being provided. Instead, the print company needs to sit down with you and discuss the aim of your projects, all of the tiny details you want and how they can offer further suggestions to help. For example, the stock you want to use might extend the turnaround time by a couple of days.

When they take all of this into account, they might provide timescales that are much different to what they're advertising. This shows that more time and effort is being put in to make sure your end results are of amazing quality and that not every business will have exactly the same turnaround times. This makes it more unique to you and the needs of your business.

The Design Services Provided

The best print companies usually offer at least some design services or assistance along with printing. This can be highly beneficial, as their designers might have some brilliant ideas which you never thought of to really take your products to the next level.

Although this might be the case, an important question you need to ask is whether they can show you some of the designs they've produced - not just examples of the printed work.

By asking for these examples, you're able to get a unique insight as to which type of designs they can implement into your work. By looking across several projects, you're able to determine whether they use different designs across each piece of work or whether they have a habit of designing everything similarly.

If you notice that all designs are different and unique to each project, then you receive more reassurance that the designs you receive won't appear anywhere else and you're getting the bespoke result you're chasing.

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The Paper Types Used

Perhaps the most important aspect of receiving bespoke printing is the stock - or paper type - that print companies use for your marketing materials. This is especially beneficial to businesses that have more luxury products or services they are offering as the true impact of any print materials depends on how it feels when a reader is holding it.

When searching for bespoke printing, it's vital that you already have a good idea of the types of paper you're considering to use. This is because you're able to question the company on whether they're able to print on this particular stock, whether they know how to get the best out of it or even if they have print technology that is advanced enough to print on it.

If they answer yes - or even provide some other brilliant alternatives such as silk and constellation snow - then you can be confident that you're getting something that's tailored to your business.

If they're unable to do that and try and persuade you for settling for something they're used to printing on, then the chances are that the same stock has been used numerous times which means what you're getting in the end isn't bespoke.

The Overall Quality of The Finished Product

Another important question you need to raise in regards to bespoke results is the quality of products the print company has produced in the past. Again, this is another important time to ask them to show you examples of previous work they have printed for other companies as it allows you to feel the quality for yourself.

So, if they're able to be more versatile on this aspect and take it up a level by making the physical properties feel more different to others, then you know you're in the right hands to receive the bespoke finished results.

The Technology Used

Finally, seeing the actual printing options a company has available gives you a much better idea as to whether they're able to provide bespoke results based on the technology they use. They might agree to produce everything you and your business want, but the outdated methods some might be implementing could drastically decrease the overall quality.

Instead, if a print company offers multiple options for you to choose from and shows you specific examples of work from each printer, it shows that they have methods in place to make your work stand out. For example, if they have different methods of printing, it shows that they are more versatile than those that only specialise in one.

LED UV Printing

So, it's important to ask which machines they use. If they're using something like an LED UV printer, then you can be sure that what you're getting will not only be bespoke, but also of amazing quality because of the many benefits this cutting-edge technology brings.


Pick a Company That Does it All

Finding a third-party printing company that does it all doesn't need to be a never-ending search. At B&B Press, those factors that are overlooked are provided to every business looking for consistently-perfect results.

There are a variety of printing methods on offer, including the popular LED UV method while offering bespoke services to each business to help create an immediate and lasting impression.

Need More Advice?

Numerous factors go into creating a luxury brochure - and these factors are only some that businesses need to consider. In this blog post, we've highlighted the questions you need to be asking for bespoke printing but if you want more advice on how to get started on your own brochure, download our free guide on how to produce a luxury brochure.

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