The 5 Biggest LED UV Benefits Businesses Need To Know

Every business wants the most exceptional quality of print and LED UV printing helps provide exactly what businesses are chasing. Regardless of the project, an LED UV printing press offers distinct advantages which sets it apart from other machines. Go ahead and separate your printed materials from the competition. Here are the 5 biggest LED UV benefits that businesses like yours need to know.

LED UV printing machine

What sets LED UV printing apart from other technology is down to the unique and popular UV curing method that's used. Rather than overwhelming you with a scientific explanation, check out a dedicated blog on the topic here. The 5 LED UV benefits you need to be aware of include:

  1. It's Kind On The Environment
  2. It Enhances The Colours Used
  3. It's A Versatile Machine
  4. The Turnaround Times Are Much Quicker
  5. The Finished Products Are Consistently Of A High Quality

1. LED UV Printing Is Eco-Friendly

You can't be blamed for immediately assuming that an impressive machine like an LED UV printing press will only harm the environment. That couldn't be further from the truth. If anything, an LED UV printer is kinder to the environment than any other printing technology on the market right now.

This is because LED UV technology doesn't feature any solvent which needs to evaporate. In turn, no environmental pollutants are formed in the process. Along with this, LED UV machines use a lot less power than your traditional print technology because of the helpful instant on/off functionality. This reduces standby consumption between jobs and also helps to reduce overall CO2 emissions.

This is highly beneficial for businesses wanting to utilise LED UV technology, as this helps contribute towards your sustainability goals. Businesses that need to use large format print will also benefit, as using the eco-friendly method helps compensate for the increased carbon footprint.

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2. LED UV Enhances The Colours

There's always the worry that a printer might not be able to print the colours to their full potential. The beauty of LED UV is that the colours are consistently enhanced because of the unique UV curing drying method. In the simplest terms, LED UV uses light to dry the inks instead of heat.

This means that ink doesn't sink into the materials with an LED UV printer, so the colours always appear much sharper. Once printed, the colours used also appear much brighter and more vivid to assist with the visual presentation for whatever project your business is working on - without compromising the quality.

Compromising is something businesses can't afford to do, especially if it's to advertise products as bright, vivid colours help to highlight the smallest of details which can make all the difference.

3. LED UV Is Versatile

While some printers can only use your usual everyday paper, LED UV allows businesses to create something different thanks to its capabilities of printing on different stock and materials. If silk or uncoated paper is something you want to incorporate, then LED UV can do just that to a very high standard.

There are numerous types of stock out there that help accentuate overall projects, and even though LED UV produces exceptional results on them, uncoated paper is still the best stock to go with. This is because the paper used in projects maintain the soft and tactile quality which helps to make the ink appear much flatter and - like the previous point - makes the colours appear much sharper.

The versatility doesn't end there. LED UV can include custom textures while inks can be applied selectively to create embossed effects. Along with this, every business has different needs. Some will need brochures while other might need leaflets, posters and catalogues. Instead of having dedicated printers for each project, LED UV is versatile enough to perfectly produce each type of project.

4. LED UV Improves Turnaround Times

Having projects back in your hands might be the preferred option, but older printing technology takes a lot longer to process and produce compared to LED UV printing. This is another huge benefit, as businesses no longer have to wait for endless weeks or months for their finished product.

Again, this is down to the UV curing method, as businesses no longer need to wait for inks to dry and even more time is saved because LED UV printing doesn't require any anti-set off powder spray.

Although the waiting times are shorter, the quality from LED UV machines is perfect. In fact, it's now so efficient because of the drying benefit that it reduces the turnaround of the majority of high quality printing jobs by around 40%. If you want to see just how quick that can be, skip to 59 seconds in the video below...

Quicker results, but perfect results.

5. LED UV Produces Consistently High Quality Work

When businesses are handing out brochures to their customers, that brochure is effectively acting like the face of the brand. Ultimately, the quality of that brochure will make readers decide whether they want to continue reading and making a decision. That's why it's important to make sure your projects are consistently perfect.

Another advantage of LED UV printing is that this method helps your project's original characteristics remain the same as there's no need to apply a sealing coat beforehand. Plus, ink won't be transferred from one sheet to another either when you're piling them up.

There are no blemishes, no markings and no dust which means the brochures or other materials you're handing out to customers will always be of the highest quality possible. This cutting-edge technology ensures you receive the bespoke results you want which will leave everyone impressed with the outcome.

Why Businesses Need To Use LED UV

If it wasn't clear by now, businesses need to consider using the LED UV method if you want the best results possible. Obviously, there are plenty of other printing machines out there, but not all of them can match the superior qualities of what LED UV brings to the table.

You're not having to compromise your ideas and designs to the printer's capabilities. The quality remains to a very high standard, it leaves a brilliant impression on whoever picks it up once printed, it's incredibly versatile, businesses don't have to wait forever...and you'd be doing your bit for the environment.

Need More Help On Where To Begin?

A lot goes into crafting the best brochure possible and the print technique is only one of the major components to consider. Along with this, you need to think about the images and photography, the layout, the stock and so much more. That's why we've created this free download guide on how to produce a luxury brochure. Grab your copy below.

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