Recycled Paper for Printing: Is It the Right Choice for Your Business?

When it comes to print marketing materials, many businesses are seeking the greenest option to hit their sustainability goals.

You might think that recycled paper for your printing is the most sustainable choice, but this isn’t always the case. Choice can also be limited with recycled paper — there is a far wider selection when it comes to virgin fibre paper.

Recycled paper fibres degrade after several uses, so the industry needs fresh fibres from sustainably managed forests to maintain the renewable cycle.

We’re led to believe that recycled paper for printing is the greenest option but, as long as new fibres are sourced from a sustainable forest, opting for virgin paper is a suitable choice. 

Alongside making a sustainable paper choice, it’s also crucial for your business to recycle its paper to continue the recycling process.

With 83% of consumers saying they will always choose a brand with a better sustainability record, making changes to your printing could be the difference between a customer choosing your business over another.

Does Recycled Paper for Printing Still Have Its Benefits?

When it comes to paper, recycled is still a green option for your printing. It reduces the amount of waste going to landfill, as paper can be recycled multiple times.

Using recycled paper for printing is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. Here are a few reasons why that might be the case.

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Hosting some of your marketing or communication on recycled paper is a quick way to showcase your efforts towards sustainability.

The look and feel of recycled paper can differ from regular paper, offering a different tactile experience and demonstrating to your audience that your business cares for the planet.

You can also shout about your commitment to sustainable practices by displaying on your products that your company utilises recycled paper.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulated business model for companies aiming to contribute to societal goals.

Adopting recycled paper is one way to meet CSR commitments. Many CSR policies revolve around the environment — choosing recycled paper can be a step towards reaching your goals.

Sneaking Under the Marketing Radar

Marketing is everywhere. Many brands opt to send the most colourful and vibrantly designed marketing materials out to their audience. Although this might catch the eye, it makes it easier for readers to spot a hard sell.

Creating an 'authentic' look using recycled paper can help your business resonate with potential customers and set your company apart from others.

So, Is Recycled Paper the Right Choice for You?

It may take some extra effort to make recycled paper work for you, but it offers a unique finish that you can't replicate with standard paper. 

Despite this, recycled paper is becoming increasingly difficult to source.

Many businesses are opting for recycled paper due to its ‘imperfect’ finish, as well as it seemingly being a really green choice.

However, virgin fibres from sustainably managed forests are needed to maintain the paper cycle, so in most cases, opting for sustainably-sourced virgin paper is the greenest option. Another great choice is uncoated paper, which produces great results on an LED UV press.

Make Your Printing Greener Today

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With decades of experience, we know a thing or two about what it means to print responsibly.

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Sustainability Checklist

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You’re probably well aware of the growing importance and demand of eco-friendly products.

Modern technology has made these kinds of items increasingly cheaper to produce and more visually appealing. They’re a great way of lowering your business’ environmental impact - but how exactly do you produce the best kind of print using these methods?

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