Questioning the Value of Print Advertising? Here's Why You Shouldn't

As technology has rapidly evolved and grown over the past decade, many businesses have started to neglect and question the power that the more traditional methods of advertising possess.

But, print advertising is still alive and kicking, so it definitely shouldn’t be underestimated. Here's why and how it can be used to successfully reach out to a wider audience.


We’ll cover:

More Interactive

Readers enjoy having something to physically hold rather than looking at words on a screen. It’s a full sensory experience that they’re getting from your product, which is much more memorable and easier than reading it off a screen.

It’s thought that people are more likely to digest the information better and physically turning the pages engages the brain more effectively. Thus, printed materials can have a stronger impact on their audience.

Once your publications have been printed, they’re then in circulation or can sit on an information table, notice board or in waiting rooms for a long time. In contrast, digital articles can easily be lost amongst the millions of others online and may end up way down the SERP and never discovered.

With an eye-catching design, your materials can still make somebody want to pick it up for a long while after it’s been printed.

Provides Instant Gratification

Printed advertising gives the reader instant gratification and readers can find out what they want straight away.

You might be thinking that you get this with an online advertisement too but you don’t. Online adverts can take time to load up, whereas you can simply pick up a leaflet or brochure and dive straight into the information.

Instant gratification can be an important factor in your marketing campaign. People don’t want to have to wait to find out what they want to see and if they’re forced to do so they may click off the advertisement before it loads. This could have a potential knock-on effect and reduce the number of people investing in your product or service.

Printed Media is More Likely to Make People Want to Buy

An American study found that people show a greater emotional response and remember more things from print advertisements than they do from digital alternatives. Print media lights up the part of the brain associated with purchase intent more than digital does.

In other words, print media is more powerful in stimulating desire and intent to purchase than digital. 

Boasts Higher Retention Rates

Ask any keen reader and they’ll tell you “you can’t beat the feel of a book in your hands.” And the same goes for advertisements too.

Printed materials have a higher reader retention rate than online efforts, simply because they're more engaging than online adverts. People often remember things better if they’ve actually seen them or got them physically in their hands.

And the better the standard of the print media, the more likely people are going to want to hold it, read it and even store it. Quality magazines, brochures and leaflets can have a lasting impression on the audience - more so than a flimsy handout.

You Can Take Print Ads Everywhere

One great thing about print advertisements is that you can take them anywhere that you go and can read it wherever you are. Digital advertisements are heavily reliant on the internet, so you’d only be able to access them where there is a strong network connection.

For example, you could take a brochure on the London Underground and read it while commuting. The lack of a mobile signal wouldn't affect it in the same way as it would a digital ad.

Get the Most Out of Your Print Media with the Right Printing Company

Because printed advertising still carries a lot of weight and can aid your marketing campaigns, you need to make sure that you get it right. The right printing company will offer a wide range of services, be on hand to offer advice, use the latest print technology and more. 

For the last 60 years, B&B Press provided customers with nothing but the best quality service, materials and products. We can aid with all things print and make sure that they look professional and really stand out from the competition.

We offer a completely personalised service, which is proven to get the best results and keep both parties extremely happy. But we understand that until you get to know us, we're just another name in the long list of printing companies you've got in mind.

That's why we’ve created a free green checklist as green print is the future. 

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You’re probably well aware of the growing importance and demand of eco-friendly products.

Modern technology has made these kinds of items increasingly cheaper to produce and more visually appealing. They’re a great way of lowering your business’ environmental impact - but how exactly do you produce the best kind of print using these methods?

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