Future Of Printing Technology And How It Will Help Charities And Businesses Like Yours

With the increased use of social media and the advancements of technology, a big assumption from charities and businesses is that printing might be a thing of the past.

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While you’d be forgiven for thinking that, that’s not necessarily the case as printing is all around us, from books and posters to food labels and clothes; they all rely on printing to convey their message – so, let’s discuss the future of printing technology and how it will help charities and businesses like yours. The benefits include:

  • Versatility
  • Attention Grabbing
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Time-Saving

While charities and businesses could technically be different on paper, the ambition is almost the same. You need to raise awareness; one hopes to raise money from donations, while the other looks to make a profit.

None of that is possible without the right promotion, and the most effective type of printing, if executed properly, can be engrossing and a lot more effective.

With so many variations of printing now available, it’s easy to get lost amongst them and can be difficult to understand.

However, techniques such as 3D printing and LED UV litho printing are the way forward, here’s why they are the future of printing technology and how it will help charities and businesses like yours in a little more detail.

1. Versatile

LED UV litho printing can be used for a wide range of projects, and can be highly beneficial to both charities and business when it comes to producing material which is diamond sharp and crystal clear. At the other side of the print room is digital printing, equally as impressive end results with super-effective features like personalisation.

It’s already a difficult job coaxing people into giving charitable donations. That’s not necessarily because they don’t want to give, but donors need a genuine reason to feel like their heartstrings have been tugged on, depending on the cause. Rather than telling a story via a few hundred words, they’d interact more with visuals.

That’s where printing technology such as LED UV comes in, as there are plenty of options to take to produce material that stands out from competitors. This technique is ideal for a wide range of projects, such as newsletters, magazines, prospectuses, stationery, handbooks, corporate reports and even catalogues – and probably anything else you can think of on either coated or uncoated paper.

People probably see the same old designs and quality time and time again, but with LED UV, charities have an opportunity to switch-up their designs to remain ahead of competitors and gain more donations, while businesses can utilise this method, or even 3D printing to provide freebies to potential clients and display items to show they’re ahead of the game.

And these stunning art pieces can be complemented by a personalised letter which hits your audience right in the attention span and really makes them take note. There’s nothing like a geographical statistic or reference to make an advertising or charity campaign resonate with an audience. And digital printing offers such flexibility.

2. Attention Grabbing

The aim for charities is to gain donations, and nobody is going to stop on the street and donate money to a stranger who hands over a poor-quality leaflet or pamphlet.

The way to stand is out is to grab their attention, if you’re able to do that with your marketing material then you and your charity are onto a winner.

With printing technology like LED UV litho, all stocks can be printed and dried immediately; it doesn’t matter if it’s coated or uncoated and that means charities and businesses are able to expand their creative horizons by creating products that aren’t easily replicated. LED UV litho technology means the print quality of any product is much sharper and the colours look a lot more vivid, even on uncoated stocks. So, if you need the best visuals for your material to be wholly effective, it makes sense to use the most appropriate technique.

There’s also no need for sealing coats, so paper retains its original characteristics and there won’t be any markings or blemishes either due to the instant drying process. It’s easy to see why charities and businesses would benefit from this technology, as the stunning printing technique means the marketing materials you use will be of the highest quality and more people are bound to pay attention, resulting in more donations or even potential investments for businesses.

In summary: use a technique which strikes a visual chord and a stock (paper, card, etc.) which feels quality in order to gain a tactile response. Combined together, you’re sure to grab attention.

LED UV printer in action

One of our fantastic LED UV printers in action. These work by speed-drying the ink as a result of blasting it with LED UV rays.

If you or your business need some inspiration on some interesting designs for your leaflet and how to stand out from competition, check out these beautiful examples of leaflets with killer features.

3. Eco-Friendly

Being environmentally friendly is actually a growing importance to people today, as the continual usage of paper and electronic printers is no doubt playing its part in damaging the environment. However, with advanced print technology, that doesn’t need to be a concern now, as newer printing technology uses far less power than traditional paint drying technology.

Instant on/off functionality in printing technology like LED UV means standby consumption is reduced which decreases overall CO2 emissions, while recyclable ink is also a way to help the environment.

While that might not have a massive impact on how your charities and businesses run, it’s certainly a good way to build your reputation while doing your part for the environment.

Charities, for example, already have good reputations because of the great, selfless work they’re doing for whichever cause they’re focusing on. However, they can probably gain more donations and get more interest if donators find out that the equipment they’re using and the materials they’re produced are eco-friendly, then they’d be that much more impressed, and the same principle can be applied to businesses as well.

For businesses, this can help you work towards your sustainability KPIs and even provides another marketing angle entirely. Showing you’re an environmentally conscious business is great for building rapport with an audience.

4. Time-Saving

Finally, it’s the big one. In short, setup times are shorter and drying times are reduced.

Time-saving is crucial in any business and with the future of printing technology, paper jams are a thing of the past as you can kill two birds with one stone - time can be saved yet the quality of work remains at a high standard.

Technology now mean charities and businesses are no longer having to wait for the ink to dry because that’s done instantly while the quality is now perfect compared to older technology. Technology like LED UV litho printing is now so efficient that it can reduce the turnaround of the majority of printing jobs by around 40 per cent.

Businesses could have huge projects thrown their way in an instant, and this technology means they won’t have to sacrifice quality to meet deadlines as they can have both. For charities, disasters like floods and earthquakes can occur when you least expect it and you can act quickly to help.

With this type of printing technology, you can start work immediately because the turnaround time is much sooner. In fact, you could be in luck if you are running a charity as there are services available that can help your budget go further, without compromising quality.

By the sounds of things, printing is still pretty much alive and well and the future of printing is something to look forward to.

Remember To Choose The Right Print Technique

Finding the right type of printer for any job doesn’t need to be a tricky process, as the right piece of technology can do an amazing job of printing high-quality products – and quickly. We’ve come up with an easy guide which highlights all of the different types of printing, and what they’re best used for.

Each technique has its own merits in terms of cost effectiveness, visual styles and appearance and turnaround time. All of these factors need considering when choosing a print technique.

Choosing the wrong technique could be like an OAP buying a Formula 1 car to head to the supermarket once a week; it’ll cost a fortune and won’t be fit for purpose. Likewise, over engineering your print job means you’re wasting time and money on stunning visuals when the stats and timing are what would make your leaflet or brochure a success. You should have used digital.

With this knowledge available, you’ll be able to choose the perfect print style and method, which means your charities and businesses will reap the rewards of grasping the future of printing technology.

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