Ethical Marketing: 6 Examples of Brands Who Have Got It Spot On

Ethical marketing is where a company places its moral integrity within the products or services they provide. Alongside delivering high-quality products and services, ethical brands inhabit extra services or projects that are good for the environment. These could be ethical promotional materials, charitable services or even political campaigns.

To see what this entails, explore five of the best ethical marketing examples below.

  1. Hello Fresh
  2. Ocado
  3. The Body Shop
  4. Lucy & Yak
  5. JUST Water

1. Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is the first global carbon-neutral meal kit company. Alongside Hello Fresh’s mission to change the way people eat, the company is also constantly looking for ways to help people balance their carbon footprint.

Hello Fresh is a carbon-neutral company

Not only does Hello Fresh use Carbon Balanced packaging, but the company also produces fewer CO₂ emissions than the traditional food system. Their short supply chain means they can reduce transport time by making fewer stops between suppliers and customers. 

2. Ocado

Ocado is a dedicated online grocery retailer that also uses Carbon Balanced packaging. Sustainability is one of Ocado’s top priorities, which is why they’re one of 16 retailers joining the British Retail Consortium (BRC) to develop a Climate Roadmap that will help them work towards their target of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2040. 

Ocado has ambitious environmental targets

Although this is an ambitious target, Ocado believes urgent action is needed to make a difference.

3. The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a well-known brand that offers cruelty-free skincare products. They’re dedicated to saving rainforests in a variety of creative ways, including launching their Rainforest Haircare range which enables the purchase and protection of a sector in the Atlantic Rainforest at REGUA, Brazil.

In 2012, The Body Shop launched its Wood Positive initiative. This was created to compensate for annual paper and cardboard consumption in their international supply chain in product and transit packaging. 

After doing all they can to minimise their packaging, The Body Shop wanted to do more to compensate for the wood used in their packaging, which is why they approached the World Land Trust. The Body Shop wanted to fund the protection and regeneration of habitats in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest and the Andean foothills of Southern Ecuador. As a result, 10% more wood is grown and preserved than used which makes the scheme Wood Positive.

4. Lucy & Yak

Lucy & Yak is a bespoke fashion company specialising in brightly coloured, unique dungarees alongside an offering of equally fashionable skirts, shorts, dresses and trousers. Lucy & Yak is completely dedicated to fighting the issues caused by fast fashion. 

Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 13.52.49

Image credit: Lucy & Yak

All the clothing items are sourced and created in India and they’ve made it part of their company ethos to only do business with organisations that do right by their workers. Their items are packaged in a unique handcrafted material bag and their fabrics are created from organic yarn.

The best thing about Lucy & Yak? You can see their whole production process. Transparency is a key aspect of ethical marketing. If customers can see that your claims of social or environmental activism are real, it’s more likely that they’ll buy from you.

5. JUST Water

JUST Water is a sustainable water brand. You might think ‘Well, water is already sustainable’ and you’d be right...sort of. There’s a lot more to a product than what’s inside.

Similar to Dr. Bronner’s, Jaden Smith's JUST Water brand has a wide focus when it comes to social and environmental justice. JUST Water is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions through responsible recycled materials and investing in infrastructure, using their profits to repair ancient water mains and redesigning the water business model.

Screenshot 2024-03-22 at 13.54.29

Image Credit: Beverage Daily

Another part of JUST Water’s marketing success is its commitment to forestry. The paperboard bottles are FSC certified and they also offer a wealth of information on their website with helpful infographics and images. 

Effective marketing campaigns can be enhanced by a detailed, easy-to-navigate website. Offering helpful content as well as an environmentally motivated product is a fantastic way of creating consumer trust, especially in 2022. 

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