5 Brilliant Marketing Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

Year on year, marketing techniques and tips continue to evolve. However, one thing that doesn’t change is that effective marketing is necessary for your business to reach its true potential. You can have the best content, product or service in the world, but marketing it correctly is what’ll make it reach the right people at the right time.

Here are five great marketing tips and tricks that you should be aware of in 2019.

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We’ll cover:

  1. Basics, Basics, Basics
  2. Utilise the Right Distribution Channels
  3. Pinpoint Your Audience
  4. Create Purposeful Content
  5. Your Audience Should Come First… Always

1. Basics, Basics, Basics

Nailing the basics never goes out of fashion. One thing that you should definitely do every year is review your content marketing strategy, looking at what went wrong and what excelled.

Reviewing your marketing strategy is the most basic way in which you can look to improve and build on it year on year. The easiest way to ensure that you can do this in the most time-costly manner is to create a content marketing plan document.

You can then easily refer back to this each year and assess where you made changes and how successful they actually were. Content marketing plans aren’t only used for the purpose of reflection and improvement. They can also be incredibly vital in keeping communication levels at a high.

Your marketing department will then all be able to access the document, see what they’re accountable for, what’s expected of them and will all be singing from the same hymn sheet. This will improve the chances of success.

2. Utilise the Right Distribution Channels

As we mentioned earlier, plugging your content on the wrong channel can prove to be pretty costly for your business.

For example, a lot of elderly people are just getting into the routine of smartphones, so posting content on a Facebook or Twitter account definitely won’t be the most effective way to target them as they’re less likely to see them.

You should use more than one distribution channel to maximise your chances of a successful marketing campaign. Certain channels can dovetail and work tremendously well in tandem, creating special results.

Social media channels, for example, can resurface blogs that might have been lost otherwise. Meaning that your content forever stays relevant and quality content isn't lost after it’s published.

Even though technology is becoming increasingly popular each year and people are becoming even more dependent on the internet, you shouldn’t underestimate the power that printed marketing and more traditional methods can still hold.

Think of magazines, brochures and leaflets - how long do they sit around on coffee tables and in a doctor’s waiting room for?

They’re always relevant and can have a much longer presence than an online blog post or article that could easily get lost in millions of others online.

3. Pinpoint Your Audience

Why cast your net out to the widest audience possible when you can pinpoint your audience and maximise the chances of gaining leads? Even if you’re not aiming for a large-scale campaign to improve your awareness, you still have a target audience in mind.

Modern marketing methods have moved away from aimlessly casting a line out hoping to reel in anybody and anything. This is because there have been more effective methods established in which more people engage with the message you’re trying to put across.

If needs be, don’t be scared to focus on a niche audience if it means that you have a better chance of improving your success and conversion rates.

4. Create Purposeful Content

Businesses always want to keep their content fresh and exciting, which isn’t a bad thing at all. However, it’s possible that you can overdo it and potentially cheapen your content base if you try too hard all the time.

Plus, if you’re creating too much content on a regular basis, chances are there won’t be enough time to consume it and it may easily get missed.

Right before creating your next piece of content or even generating ideas for your next campaign, you should bear the following questions in mind:

  • Will it fit into your content marketing goals?
  • Is it relevant to your target audience?
  • Will it offer something new and plenty of key takeaways to your audience?

Content doesn’t have to be new to be purposeful. If you’ve published a blog post in the past that has proved to be successful, you can simply look back at it and review its relevance.

Updating any stats and freshening up the content with new quirks can maintain good SEO performance and you can continue to promote it through your social media channels for longer too.

5. Your Audience Should Come First… Always

The best way to make sure that your marketing campaigns are as successful as possible is to keep on top of your audience’s needs. The way people are consuming content is forever changing, so keeping on top of popular trends with your audience is a good way to maximise the chances for success from your campaign.

You should always take the time out to review vital data that gives you a clearer understanding of your customer behaviour and what they want to see more of from you.

This can help you understand new habits and form smarter decisions when it comes to the type of content you’re releasing and how you’re going to do it.

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