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Why is this job brilliant?

This job is a great example of just how good a printed catalogue can look when you combine excellent design and print with amazing photography. It's a stunning finished product and embodies everything about why LEDUV is becoming the print method of choice.
This job didn't stop at the print, Utopia wanted the whole package. We looked after their fulfilment and mailing, we made sure that these would stand out from the rest of the mail on arrival. The brochures were sealed into translucent C5 envelopes giving a a frosted finish to the brochure. It looks contemporary, up-market and eye-catching to the receiver. 
In addition to this, the introduction of GDPR has meant that companies need to find new ways of reaching their target audience. As well as having higher response rates than email, direct mail is subject to far fewer regulations and doesn't require consent from the receiver.
Here at B&B Press, we have the capacity to deliver millions of pieces of marketing collateral for our clients every year and, coupled with our years of experience, you can be confident that we'll find the best mailing solution to meet your needs.
JOTW Week 22
JOTW 22 Utopia


  • Job: New Product Launch Brochures + Mailing
  • Size: A5 Landscape
    Paper: Silk Art 200 gsm
    Print: LED UV 
    Finishing: Matt Laminated, Saddle Stitched
  • Extras: Translucent C5 envelopes 


Amazing photography shouldn't just be broadcasted online and Utopia's brochure goes to show exactly what the combination of great photographs and the use of an equally great printing technique can achieve.

Why not feature your project next? Place your confidence and next print job with B&B Press knowing that not only are you going to get a professional looking leaflet, brochure or unique design but you can also rely on us to send these out safely following all the latest GDPR regulations.

If you like the look of this stunning catalogue and what the power of print can produce, get in touch with one of the team members here at B&B Press and we'll make your next project, a BeBrilliant one. 

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