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University Of Salford


Welcome Card

A5 4pp
250g FSC certified uncoated
Red Metallic 

Why is this job brilliant?

This is brilliant because the client needs to create an impact, something that will create a 'wow' effect with the recipient that shouts out 'hey - you made it - welcome!'.

Use of the brilliant red foil that radiates when you open the envelope creates the desired effect.

Salford University Cover Tilt

University Of Salford Week 8 Close-Up

 University of Salford Adventure Begins Opening 


After completing the job we received some customer feedback: "They look brilliant! I will definitely be suggesting foiling on higher spec jobs in the future!"

If you liked the look of a foil print and are looking at producing something similar, get in touch with one of the team members here at B&B Press and we'll make your next project, a BeBrilliant one. 

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Topics: Case Study, Showcase, Testimonial