Company Name

Hope City Church


Hope City Church
Summer 2018 Leaflet
Flat size A3 folded to A6 Portrait
16 Pages
3D Silk Art 150 gsm
4 colour process LED UV throught
Creased, trim to size, folded 3 Concertine folds, the cross folded in half

Why is this job brilliant?

Just like Hope City Church and their people this leaflet is bold, bright and full of positivity. It’s a really well thought out piece of print providing readers with key dates and information, whilst keeping them engaged with its creative and vibrant design. The way this leaflet is folded allows lots of information to be put on the same sheet without it becoming overcrowded. The fold creates 8 sections on each side for information to be shared. Digital technology is constantly growing, and the more traditional ways of promotion can sometimes be forgotten. But, why? A 2014 study at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA, found that participants showed greater emotional response and memory for print ads than they did for digital. Leaflets can leave lasting impressions and create a buzz around your event - if done properly.

  Close up of Hope City Church's folded brochure (8)

Hope City Church Week 18


LIKED Hope City Church'S JOB?

Hope City Church is thrilled with how their Summer 2018 leaflet came out. The LED UV print really brings out the details within the leaflet and the unique folding technique set's their leaflet apart from many others.

If you liked the look of this stunning Summer 2018 leaflet and what LED UV technology can produce, get in touch with one of the team members here at B&B Press and we'll make your next project, a BeBrilliant one. 

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