This Year's Most Interesting Direct Mail Fundraising Statistics

A lot of people are led to believe that after the massive advancements in technology over the last couple of decades, direct mail is now ineffective. However, this statement couldn’t be more wrong, really. When carried out properly, direct mail is a great way to reach out to your intended audience. If you’re not convinced, check out the direct mail fundraising statistics in this post and see why it still proves to be a good idea in 2018.

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Does Direct Mail Still Work in 2018?

In short, yes it does. Contrary to popular belief, direct mail is still thriving even in the technological era we are currently in. It’s a tried and tested way of reaching out to your audience and a lot of businesses still use to it to good effect today. Here are the three main ways we believe that it still works and perhaps even outperforms digital mail.

1. Audiences Find it Much Easier

If your audience find it easier to engage with your content, your direct mail is surely going to be more successful, right? The success of your release is largely dependent on how it relates to and reaches out to your ideal audience, so if they’re finding it tricky to understand it’s unlikely to reach your expected potential and maybe even flop altogether.

Direct mail is easier to understand than digital mail. Many people find that reading text off a screen just doesn’t sink in as well as reading it from a page in front of them. In fact, it takes 21% less effort to process information from a hard copy of a newsletter than an email. This means that your audience don’t have to invest time or much concentration into your mail to get the message, which is a great trait to have.

2. Direct Mail is More Memorable than a Digital Alternative

Direct mail marketing is proven to have a longer lasting effect on your audience. This is because personalised direct mail shows that the business appreciates its customers enough that they’re willing to spend money on printing and distributing this mail straight to their door. Customers appreciate that as anybody can send a meaningless automated email out to their mailing list with their name on.

Direct mail also tends to linger a lot longer in households and waiting rooms. Everyday we’re exposed to thousands of advertisements on TV, social media and email. But if one engaging newsletter is sat on your coffee table, you’re bound to remember that more than the email you briefly checked once and deleted it, aren’t you?

3. Direct Mail Has a Better Response Rate

4.4% of direct mail campaigns receive a response, compared to just 0.12% online. A statistic like this in our digitally dominated society seems astounding but we’re exposed to that many digital advertisements per day, which mean nothing to us, that perhaps we’ve just gotten better at filtering them out?

Tips for Successful Direct Mail Campaigns 

Creativity is Key

Quite simply, the more creative your campaign, the better chance that your audience is going to remember it. You don’t want to blend in with what others have produced before do you? So, create something nobody else has ever done before.

There are plenty of factors you can play around with to make your direct mail stand out. One of the main ones is your layout. Find out more on how to nail your layout so that your release stands out from the rest.

Make Sure Your Audience Can Relate

Your audience’s emotions are something you can play on and use to your own advantage. It’s these emotions that will help your customers make buying decisions and if a reader feels strongly about something you’ve released, it’s bound to be memorable.

There are two ways you can go about this, aiming to please and keep the audience happy or aiming to shock your reader. Obviously, the shock side of the coin is a bit more tricky as it’s hard to find the right balance so that people don’t take offence to it. But if done right, it can create a vivid picture in the audience’s minds that they won’t want to forget.

Use a High Quality Printing Company

It’s not only the content that is important in your direct mail campaigns, but the feel of your release is also vital too. A shoddy paper choice (“stock”) can have a negative effect on great content and can really cheapen it. Your stock is crucial, so it’s important you know how to choose the right one for your publication.

If your work isn’t printed properly, it can portray your business to be unestablished and certainly unprofessional. And nobody wants that.

The right printing method can finish off your direct mail perfectly and be the final piece of the jigsaw to a well rounded piece of marketing. But if done wrong, it can be the difference that makes your campaign flop.

Perfect Your Next Newsletter

So, after reading how direct mail can still be effective in 2018, you’re probably weighing up when your next campaign should be released. Make sure that you perfect your next newsletter. From getting it ready for printing to a checklist to ensure that you don’t miss anything vital out of the content. Download it today and get well on your way to creating impressive literature for your audience to see.

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