Brilliant Ticket Ideas for Events and Golden Rules for Getting it Spot On

Tickets are the first promotional material a visitor will receive for your event so you need to put careful thought into their content and design. Create the perfect ticket and they’ll be excitedly counting down the days until the event and telling their friends all about it, which is perfect advertising for you.

We’ve scoured the web for some of the most inventive ticket ideas for events to inspire you and highlighted a few golden rules when it comes to creating your own.

Some of the Best Ticket Ideas for Events

MMM Ticket - Portugal



These fantastic tickets were created by Graphic Designer Paul Reis to promote events at the MMM Portugal shopping centre. Visitors are encouraged to hold the ticket up to their face and take advantage of the wonderful photo opportunity.

Creative, colourful and fun for the whole family, these tickets really stand out and are a perfect way of raising the centre’s profile online.  

When you come to design your own tickets, think of creative ways that a visitor can interact with them. These tickets led to visitors taking pictures of themselves and sharing them online - a great source of free advertising!

Murder on Cockatoo Island - Elki Lemmetty

murder on cockatoo island


These tickets are perfect for promoting an interactive murder mystery event in Australia. Their 19th century design and feel transport attendees back to a more dangerous time whilst still containing all the necessary information a visitor may need.

When people think of events that take place over a hundred years ago, they may picture them in black and white so it’s perfect that the tickets are designed without any colour.  

The Murder on Cockatoo Island tickets match the tone and style of the event perfectly. Keep this in mind for your event: do the tickets successfully give visitors an idea of what to expect when they arrive?  

Fashion Week - Nottingham Trent University/Un.titled

fashion week


If you’re hosting a fashion week that will be sophisticated and stylish, like Nottingham Trent University, then these are the perfect tickets for you. Featuring bold, black typography on a dark grey background, these tickets are simple, effective and exclusive.

There’s a temptation to be big, bright and colourful when thinking of ticket ideas for events, but sometimes less is more. The Nottingham Trent University tickets are minimalist and intriguing. As they don’t give much information away, visitors will have to come to the event to see more.

Reel Film Festival - Joe Warburton




Created by student Joe Warburton for a fictional film festival, this ticket is inventive and unorthodox. Rather than just producing a paper ticket, Joe turned a camera roll into the actual ticket.

Visitors would receive their own camera roll and the paper ticket would be inside, featuring the necessary information they’d need.

Although a fictional event, this fantastic ticket shows the merits of thinking outside the box. If you can provide something the visitor isn’t expecting, they’ll be even more excited to attend your event.

Museum of the Moving Image - Tien-Min Liao





Created for the Museum of Moving Image (MOMI) in London, these tickets double as fashion accessories. Colour coded depending on the cost of the ticket, visitors wear them rather than present them when they arrive.

MOMI features exhibits that visitors can use and enjoy and this commitment to visitor interaction begins right at the beginning with the tickets.

You don’t need to create tickets for your visitors to wear, but try and incorporate the key themes and ideas of the event into the ticket design.

Designing Your Event's Tickets 

The above tickets were all both creative and informative. Before beginning the design, remember to include all of your event’s important information like the date, time, price and more.

Whether you aim for something interactive like MOMI or something that will start a conversation online like MMM in Portugal, ensure your tickets are professionally printed so that they look their absolute best.

Take our invites for example! Our upcoming event celebrating 60 years of B&B Press were printed on a silver mirror board offering a sleek and reflective look. The diamond is the symbol of a sixty-year anniversary and we wanted our invites to shine bright a diamond.

60th Anniversary Invite Using Silver Foil

Brilliant Ticket Ideas For Events and Golden Rules For Getting It Spot On

Tickets for 60th anniversary with the silver foil effect

The stunning, textured material gave the invites the ‘wow factor’ and this is something we bring to every single print project that we do.

We can help you to design and print stunning tickets that showcase your event in the best possible way. For more information on business printing for an event, feel free to download our guide using the link below.

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