Brand Sustainability and What It Means for Your Business

Being sustainable as a business is more than just a marketing strategy. Building your company around values that make a difference can have a lasting impact on the health of our planet and ensure your business lasts for years to come.

With rising global temperatures, there's a growing expectation for businesses to be as sustainable as possible to combat climate change.

In this blog post, we'll explore brand sustainability and the benefits it can bring to companies like yours.


Sustainability and Its Importance

Sustainable practices refer to policies that seek to preserve natural or physical resources so they remain available for the long term. 

Many businesses now believe that the planet will suffer irreversible damage without significant changes. Earth has seen some of its warmest global temperatures on record in recent years, which presents a considerable climate risk. 

Companies now have a responsibility to facilitate change and incorporate sustainability into their policies.

Corporate sustainability can be divided into three pillars — economicsocial and environmental  — also commonly referred to as peopleprofits and planet.

The pillar which often gets the most focus is the environmental pillar. The main aim of sustainable policies is to reduce a company's carbon footprint and be kinder to the planet. But, besides the critical focus of helping the planet, sustainable practices can also produce other benefits for businesses.


The Benefits of Sustainability in Business

Sustainability is more than just a desirable business policy — it's becoming necessary. This is due to changing perspectives worldwide, with a shifting focus on protecting the planet and reducing waste.

People consider business values before making a purchase decision, with 88% of customers saying they'd be more loyal to a company that supports environmental or social issues. Let's explore the benefits of a business adopting sustainable practices.


Customers Care About Sustainability

According to Deloitte's Sustainable Customer research, there has been a 'sharp increase' in those adopting a more sustainable lifestyle in the UK over the last 12 months.

As more people look to adopt a sustainable way of living, their purchasing habits change. Practising sustainable policies will make these customers more likely to shop with you long-term, increasing profits.

With the accessibility of the internet and social media, customers can quickly discover a company's values, allowing people to find out whether your brand is environmentally responsible. This could influence a purchasing decision.


Sustainability Reduces Costs and Boosts Profits

Companies that integrate social impact into their business policy boost sales by up to 20%, improve productivity by 13% and increase share price by 6%.

But it's not just profits — adopting sustainable practices can cut costs, too. For example, using more energy-efficient machinery to run your business can, over time, lead to cost savings. 

Customers who care about sustainability are more likely to shop with your brand if you shout about your care for the planet, giving you an advantage over your competitors.


Improve Your Brand Image With Sustainability

In the age of social media, brand image is vital. Shared values are a driving factor in 64% of customer-brand relationships.

Sustainability is growing in popularity within the millennial and Gen Z generations, so you'll want your brand to shout about its dedication to being environmentally responsible. It might earn you a customer for life.


Sustainability — It's Your Responsibility

The most important reason to be sustainable is… to be sustainable. With rising global temperatures posing a serious risk to our planet, every company's responsibility is to work as sustainably as possible in 2023 and beyond.

Businesses have a greater responsibility than individuals because of their more significant environmental impact. Therefore, companies should be sustainable for both ethical and moral reasons more than ever — and focus on more than just profits.


Over 60% of customers expect brands to have clear sustainability values. There's a rising demand for businesses to be sustainable and to succeed and thrive in the future; it's time to adopt sustainable practices.

Our Sustainable Print Solutions

At B&B Press, it's our responsibility to do everything we can to reduce our environmental impact.

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Many believe that moving away from print is a way to be more sustainable, but it's just about choosing the right sustainable print partner.

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Our sustainable print services

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