Point of Sale Displays for a Sustainable World

As life has started to pick up the pace again, events are back on and face to face meetings are something to get excited about. One common theme we’ve noticed on our return to work has been the demand for sustainable options, particularly when it comes to POS and display print. 

As a Carbon Balanced Printer, we offer a sustainable print solution, but as the majority of POS materials available contain elements of plastic, or are of a single-use nature, this doesn’t align with our values and it’s time to find some alternative products. 

Introducing Xanita board made almost entirely from post-consumer paper waste, it’s not only recyclable it is 100% repulpable. This means it can go straight back into the recycled paper manufacturing stream without the need for interim measures or treatments to make it suitable to return to the paper cycle. Xanita Display Board (1)


The honeycomb-like board is really lightweight giving it numerous obvious benefits, from reduced shipping costs, easier installations and structural load planning when it comes to shopfitting installations.


It might be hard to believe but paper can be incredibly strong, thanks to our unique structure, Xanita board has a crush strength of more than 60 tonnes per square metre.

This strength allows for the board to comfortably hold large heavy stock holdings, all without adding extra support materials or removing the ability to ship flat packed and set up easily on-site. 


Xanita board does not contain any harmful chemicals or VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), such as formaldehyde, so there is no concern about off-gassing or potential groundwater & soil contamination that you get with materials such as MDF which mostly end up in a landfill since there is little or no way to recycle them.

With the growing awareness around toxic materials and how they affect both humans and the environment, this goes hand in hand with sustainability.  


There’s no need for foils, veneers or vinyl’s. Xanita board has been designed for the wide format print industry and can easily be printed on (both sides)

Xanita board has been designed to work with both UV and Latex inks, the board can also be prepped for aqueous inks with quick UV coating. This not only allows for striking campaign imagery to be printed on retail displays but also realistic finishes such as wood grains for shelving and decorative acoustic baffles.  

We’re really pleased to be able to offer this option as an alternative for clients looking for sustainable POS. We accept that in some cases there is still a need for other POS and change is a gradual thing, display print is an area of the business we are spending time doing some research to find more options that have sustainability in mind.

If you’re in the process of looking for a new POS solution speak to one of our team, it’s something we are passionate about and we’re excited about the new innovative ideas going on within the industry.

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