B&B Press and Digital 22 Win HubSpot Sales Enablement Impact Award

Working with the right digital marketing agency can work wonders. Fact. There’s a boost of creativity, expertise in all areas of marketing ranging from content to email marketing and even a greater level of consistency where you know you can rely on them to deliver results.


It’s even better when the partnership ties together perfectly and the incredible results are enough to win huge industry awards.

That’s exactly what happened earlier this year for B&B Press and our marketing agency, Digital 22. Our story of using sales enablement services saw us win the 2018 HubSpot Sales Enablement Q4 Award as well as the overall Grand Prize Award for 2018.

So, how did we get there?


Leads Weren’t Enough…

When we started working with Digital 22, we had plenty of ideas which were implemented into all of the inbound campaigns that were implemented and they worked perfectly.

Over time, the marketing brought in plenty of leads for our sales team and after fully committing to the inbound methodology, our website views alone increased from around 300 per month to 7,000.

Great news. That’s quite a big jump. But we needed more. This just wasn’t going to be enough and we both realised that. We needed to be more innovative and add to what was already working for us.

The Challenge

The challenge for us was to improve our sales process, become more customer-focused and improve our marketing as a whole so that we could educate our clients and prospects a lot more. There was nothing innovative about the archaic methods of cold calling and we couldn’t rely just on customers getting in touch with us out of the blue.

Not having a CRM before HubSpot didn’t help and neither did the fact that cold calls often scared away people who downloaded our helpful eBooks.

Alongside inbound marketing, Digital 22 worked with us to gives our sales team some collateral using HubSpot’s sales tools.

We might sound slightly biased, but our high-end and super-luxury printed materials are what still continue to win people over. Even though we were all doing the right things, the difficult task was getting the amazing printed materials in front of people.

So, automation was the perfect answer.

How Automation Helped Us

After being educated more on inbound marketing, attending strategy sessions and the useful Manchester HUG events, it was clear that marketing automation was going to get us the results we wanted.

So, we started to work with Digital 22 on more than just marketing and deep-dived into HubSpot to make sure it was helping us do the following:

  • Let our sales team know when it was worth picking up the phone to speak to potential customers.

  • Know when it was the right time to send out printed materials.

  • Figure out whether we could do it better.

  • Find out if our contacts were already doing print-based marketing.

  • Cut out a lot of valuable time by spending less time on contacting people who had no interest in print.

Digital 22 also helped us build a meaningful sales and reporting dashboard within HubSpot. This was hugely beneficial as it gave us an earlier warning on impending orders so that we could better manage our delivery resources. It helped our sales team know where leads were up to and helped the leadership team see a full team overview of the sales pipeline.

By learning how to use the CRM and the reporting tools with Digital 22, they provided us with greater visibility and easy-to-reach data for our sales team. We now knew exactly where leads were at in the Buyer’s Journey so our sales team knew when it was the perfect time to try and close the deal.

It worked - and still does work - perfectly. Our sales team knows when to get in touch and our leadership team can see how everything is going. The effect? Conversations happen with less effort and our sales team close more deals.

With Digital 22 providing us with that top level of insight and plenty of freedom to work on other aspects, the number of leads closed increased by a massive 82 percent in the first six months along.

Not only that, but production was up, more people were hired and profits increased.



For the company, we witnessed our growth increase by around 20 percent in turnover.


Blending Print and Digital

Working with Digital 22, they helped us realise the true value of the quality of our printed products. So much so, they helped us go the extra mile and try something a little bit different - combining email and printed mail messaging via an automated workflow.

Digital 22 used emails and forms to help our sales team get postal addresses from leads who were interested in seeing our eBooks. Having this knowledge meant our sales team knew exactly who was at the bottom of the sales funnel so we could provide them with the best print products B&B Press have to offer.

This innovative addition meant our inbound content and networking started to spin the Flywheel by bringing in early leads. The automation set up by Digital 22 was engaging the leads with helpful advice and improved our marketing as it allowed us to educate our clients a lot more and make the process revolve around our customers, which you can see below.


Letter > Email 1 > Print > Email 2 >

Print > Email 3 > Sample Job >

Book a Meeting or Final Letter

and Business Card

Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 08.50.34

Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 08.50.48



Our educational content was engaging our leads by giving helpful advice with content related to print while HubSpot let our sales team know when people were engaged enough to talk and finally become a customer.

By this time, prospects were sent outstanding printed versions of the eBooks they found helpful and the automation set up in HubSpot by Digital 22 meant we could finally delight our clients by solving their challenges in the process.

Meet the Faces Behind the Printing Machines

The entire team at B&B is ecstatic at working with Digital 22 to win two HubSpot Sales Enablement Impact Awards. Obviously, that couldn’t be achieved without a fantastic effort from both sides with Digital 22’s marketing and our track record and experience of producing unparalleled printed materials.

To find out more about our staff and the different ways that we can help your business to smash your marketing goals with print advertising, feel free to contact us.

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