Feel Good Kitchen

Food to nourish your body and soul, without the effort

  • Client: Feel Good Kitchen
  • Location: London
  • Date completed: 2022

Founder of Balance Festival, Ludovic spent years helping inspire people to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. When the pandemic hit, he found himself and his wife at home with two young kids, two businesses in distress and too many problems to solve.

Like many people, life had been overtaken by the pandemic almost overnight and unhealthy, mediocre meals were increasingly making their way to the dining table. Something had to be done.

Ludovic wanted to reinvent the classics people love, pack them with nutrient-dense ingredients, remove all the nasties and focus on taste without compromise, all while doing their bit for the planet.

Still in the midst of the pandemic, a moment of magic happened and Feel Good Kitchen was born. We started working with Feel Good Kitchen as a start-up and have watched the business flourish.

The Challenge

A common challenge for start-up businesses is being overwhelmed with choices. In the early stages, there's so much to think about and a lot to learn. It’s always helpful to have a little guidance along the way.

Initially, the specification for this project started out as a simple printed food sleeve — a straightforward job to print. The client wanted to start with a small quantity, with the option to increase and develop a bespoke design as the brand began to grow.

Throughout this journey, we worked together to find a solution that was not only brilliantly printed but functional and sustainable too.

The Solution

In the early stages, we printed digitally due to the small quantity, making it more cost-effective for the client in the prototype stage. Using our sampling service, we produced printed cardboard sleeves made from certified FSC card, which is fully recyclable and carbon balanced to further complement the brand values.

As Feel Good Kitchen grew, so did its need for print. We began to print the sleeves using LED UV to give the best results possible for both quality and value. Our LED UV gives vibrant results which really makes the packaging pop — an important factor for a start-up that wants to be noticed.

With change comes challenges. In this instance, the stock we were printing on was the problem. We found it was holding too much moisture which caused problems when it was frozen, something we later discovered when the client was delivering meals using dry ice to their end-users.

We went back to the drawing board and took some time trialling different options of stock and various finishes until we found something that ticked all the boxes and was to our client’s liking.

The Result

It’s been an exciting part of the process for us all to work together and see fantastic results.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships, spending time getting to know our clients, understanding their brand and goals and solving their challenges.

Feel Good Kitchen is always creating tasty new treats that come in a range of different packaging, including bagasse compostable boxes. We're continually looking at new food sleeve options to accommodate its exciting new lines.

To add to the ‘Feel Good’ factor, the food sleeves have been produced in the most sustainable way and support the work of World Land Trust, as well as being fully recyclable. 


Job Spec

  • Print: LED UV, Carbon Balanced Print
  • Paper: FiloServe Grease Freeze, FSC, Carbon Balanced Paper 
  • Finish: Diecut, Single Seam Glue Construction

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