Colleges and universities – does your prospectus printer do this?

Colleges and universities – does your prospectus printer do this?

Producing prospectuses – it’s one of those tasks that habitually happen in the world of higher education, yet how they’re produced should be anything but routine – if you want to stand out from the crowd, that is.

We’ve been working with colleges and universities up-and-down the country since we first started out back in 1958 and if there’s one thing we’ve noticed, is that the good old prospectus still reigns supreme when it comes to getting your name out there.

Whether it’s 60 or 200 pages, promotes your part-time or full-time courses or is A5, A4 or some other random size, your prospectus is your chance to raise awareness and really shine to prospective students. Get it right, and you can boost your enrolment figures no end, get it wrong, and well, the less said about that, the better…

However, ‘getting things right’, so to speak, involves more than just sheer luck or coincidence and it’s where (believe it or not), your professional printing partner can really make all the difference. 

Quality control

Quality is undoubtedly a key factor when it comes to making sure your prospectus stands out head and shoulders above the rest, and it’s a factor that should never be compromised, regardless of how tight your timescales might be.

Imagine picking up a perfect bound prospectus that’s printed on a rugged Uncoated material and features razor sharp imagery on every page and a high gloss finish and vivid colours throughout…now compare it with a prospectus that doesn’t…not as appealing, is it?

Helping our clients get that competitive advantage with prospectuses that ooze quality from the moment they’re first picked up is what we excel at here at B&B Press. Not only do we make sure that everything we produce, be it prospectuses, higher education or sixth form guides, booklets or pamphlets, meet the latest industry standards, we have the right processes to provide our clients with peace of mind they’ll receive nothing but consistently high quality results from us.

For instance, to ensure the work we produce for The University of Sheffield is delivered to the highest standard, we follow a quality workflow framework agreement. Having this framework in place, which is just one of the many systems we have to maintain quality at all times, ensures that all jobs are worked on to a set criteria.

But it’s not just processes that can ensure your prospectus printer delivers in the quality stakes. Technology plays a key role too.

Our state-of-the-art LED UV printing presses enable us to provide our clients with superior print quality, regardless of whether they’re using us for the first or 50th time or how tight their deadlines are, which leads us to our next point – deadlines. 

No missed deadlines

We understand how busy you are and how getting everything you need for your prospectuses (including sign off) can often happen at the 11th hour. What guarantees can your print supplier give you that your next batch of prospectuses will be delivered on time, regardless of how last minute things get?

Thanks to our LED UV printing technology, we can turn jobs around for clients at a moment’s notice without ever compromising on quality. And we all know, that the sooner you get your prospectuses out to market, the sooner you can start filling places for your forthcoming courses. LED UV is a real time-saver, not only is it highly efficient (we estimate it can reduce the turnaround of most printing jobs by 40 per cent), there’s no drying time, none whatsoever.

Creative input

Quality and efficiency aside, there’s also another, just as fundamental way, in which your professional printing partner can help you get the competitive advantage when it comes to your prospectuses – creativity.

Yes, we know what you’re most probably thinking, you go to your prospectus printer so that they can take care of the printing side of things. Not anymore - many of today’s industry-leading professional printing companies have more to bring to the table than just printing these days, they also have creative flair.

Work with a professional printing company, who can offer their creative input, as well as sector-specific experience, and you’ve got the right formula for making sure your prospectuses are not just appealing, but are streets ahead of the latest industry trends.

With the right insight and resources, you can make as much, or as little, of your prospectuses as you want to. Take another of our clients, The University of Salford, for instance, they recently wanted to make one of their booklets look like a SIM card and being the creative bunch that we are here at B&B Press, we made it happen!

Your prospectuses are what you make of them. With the right professional printing partner, you can guarantee they instantly communicate quality, are available when you need them (even at the 11th hour!) and have that creative edge, and that’s just a tiny glimpse of what’s possible.

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