We're Accredited with the Cyber Essentials Certificate Scheme

B&B Press has recently been accredited the Cyber Essentials certification which protects against 80% of cyber attacks and demonstrates to customers that the most important basic cyber security controls are in place. 

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What is the Cyber Essentials Scheme?

The Cyber Essentials scheme is a government-backed scheme aimed at highlighting the vital security controls that will help companies handle the risk to their IT systems from internet-based threats more effectively. It also helps to demonstrate a company's commitment to cyber security. 

The scheme focuses on five key controls related to the 10 Steps to Cyber Security. It provides companies with guidance on how to implement them, as well as an assessment framework and offering independent certifications for those who need it.

Suitable for organisations of all sizes in any sector, Cyber Essentials was launched on 5 June 2014 and allows companies to gain one of two Cyber Essentials certifications:

  • Cyber Essentials - includes a self-assessment questionnaire and an external vulnerability scan that verifies your security status.
  • Cyber Essentials Plus - includes all of the assessments from Cyber Essentials, plus cyber security is verified by independent experts via an extra internal scan and an on-site assessment. 

Why It's a Good Thing For B&B and our Customers

In the current digital era, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. All too often, organisations are failing at the basics. Cyber Essentials ensures that these basic measures are now more robust than before by providing five vital controls that can prevent approximately 80% of all cyber attacks.

This is great for B&B Press and our customers because it means all of the personal data we hold (both your details and our company's) will now be protected more closely than ever before. That means our customers, old and potential, can do business with us, safe in the knowledge that we have cyber security measures in place. 

Our new accreditation can also drive our business's efficiency. Because we know our company is protected from the majority of cyber attacks, we can now focus on our core business objectives. This boosts productivity and quality of work - which is great news for our customers as well!

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