Where Does Print Marketing Stand in Today's Digital World?

Posted by B&B Press on 23 May 2019

Someone might try and tell you that print marketing is dead. “What’s the point creating that brochure when you can spend your money on paid search instead?” These people are wrong and you have our permission to ignore them completely. The rise of digital marketing doesn’t spell the end of print; it simply changes the way that print should be used.

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9 Key Questions to Ask a Printing Company

Posted by B&B Press on 20 February 2019

There are now around 10,500 print management companies in the UK, so finding the perfect one to work with can be a challenge. Before signing on any dotted lines, take the opportunity to talk to a potential print company to get an idea of what a working relationship with them will be like.

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4 Factors For Successful Business Brochure Design

Posted by B&B Press on 21 November 2017

Before taking your designs down to the closest printing business, take a step back and ask yourself whether you've considered all of the factors that make for a successful business brochure design.

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6 Factors To Consider For High Quality Brochure Printing

Posted by B&B Press on 30 October 2017

There’s no turning back once you’ve started the printing process for your luxury brochures. You can’t rush this step either. You need to take plenty of factors into account before you’re even ready to find the right printing company for you who will help deliver your aims and show off your premium products in the best way. Noticing mistakes afterwards doesn’t shine your brand in a good light, and you don’t want to look back and think you could have done things differently and much better. You need to separate your premium products from the everyday, ordinary products and a crucial step includes having the perfect brochure. So, here are 6 factors to consider for high quality brochure printing.

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Why Bespoke Printing Is Important For Selling Luxury Items

Posted by B&B Press on 19 October 2017

A lot needs to be taken into account when it comes time to print your brochures or leaflets. Your premium products need to be shown off in the highest quality possible so that it separates you from the competition, and it also separates your luxury products from those you can find in any ordinary store. Numerous factors come into play, but one of the most important to focus on is the printing aspect, which can determine whether the end result sees your product come off as luxurious, or something which readers aren’t impressed by. Here’s why bespoke printing is important for selling luxury items.

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Advantages of Pamphlets For Business In The Age Of Social Media

Posted by B&B Press on 03 October 2017

In this digital age that we’re in, plenty of businesses have already decided that they don’t need to rely on printing. Instead, they’ve opted to fully embrace the internet and are referring more and more people to their websites and social media pages, but are they missing out? Here are the advantages of pamphlets for business in the age of social media.

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Future Of Printing Technology And How It Will Help Charities And Businesses Like Yours

Posted by B&B Press on 26 September 2017

With the increased use of social media and the advancements of technology, a big assumption from charities and businesses is that printing might be a thing of the past.

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What Is Litho Printing And Is It Still Relevant?

Posted by B&B Press on 26 July 2017

Litho, offset, lithographic, plate... it gets called all these things. You've probably heard that it's dead expensive and maybe even been told it's out of date. Rubbish. That's not true. Find out everything you need to know about litho printing.

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