A Journey of endless possibilities

Strap yourself in!

We’re about to embark on a voyage deep into realms not just beyond imagination, but also comprehension.

Over the next 12 months we’re taking you on the ultimate tour of the cosmos.
We have enjoyed spending hours sourcing and collating a selection of the very best nebula images released from the NASA National Space Science Data Centre. We hope that this outstanding collection of photography from the archives of NASA will leave you enlightened and inspired.

We’ve included a fun little ‘make your own rocket’ kit so you can put your very own rocket ship together and join the mission. We’re taking this interstellar! Are you coming?

Voyage with us past planets, galaxies and through unchartered realms to far and distant nebula. Come with us to see where stars are born. Witness wondrous clouds of dust marvel at the mysteries these beautiful colour filled clouds contain.
It’s set to be a journey of endless intrigue and discovery, beauty, vastness and intricacy which is sure to leave a deep and lasting impression.

B&B PRESS have delivered this collection of wonderful images in this handy little desk calendar not solely so that we can shamelessly show off how well we design and produce outstanding creative and exceptionally functional printed pieces - but also so that we can fulfil our own mission of being an inspiration to our customers.

So launch yourself into the new year with a commitment to boldly go forth and BeBrilliant in all that you do. On the edge of your comfort zone is where we’ll see you dazzle the most. Do something every month you’ve not done before, step in to unchartered territory and see what wonders you can create.

Ignite the imagination.


If you would like a copy of our 2017 calender then click here and sign up to our BeBrilliant Club and we will send you a copy with our compliments.


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