Be Brilliant: Marketing Challenges: Lack of Budget


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This is an article in our BeBrilliant series looking at some of the challenges faced by marketing managers in 2016/17 and our thoughts on how you can best tackle them. 

Lack of budget

“Dan, we just don’t have the budget for that”

The squeeze.
Budgets are being cut, resource diminishing and yet you’re still expected to deliver more than ever with the budget you’ve been assigned.

You’re seen as an expense.
If a business views marketing as an expense rather than a revenue generator for the company, the marketing department is faced with the difficult task of changing a deeply ingrained perception problem within the company culture. Convincing the powers that be to assign more to the marketing pot is going to be nothing short of impossible.

The Solution.

Get together with the CEO, find out the vision for the business. Ask to see the business plan and the goals for the long, short and medium term. Find out what the key business pains are. Figure out where you are now, where you need to be and then use your clever marketing strategic thinking and planning to address each pain in turn and bridge the gap to help get the business to where it needs to be. Write your marketing plan, make sure it’s aligned with the overall business goals.

Connect activity.
Marketers must then go to great lengths to prove ROI for the campaigns they recommend as part of their strategy. If marketers want to achieve and maintain their bosses buy in, they must be able to connect their activity not just to overall business goals but also to specific revenue streams of the company. The key to unlocking budget lies in being able to prove the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Working closely with the sales team can help tie in efforts to the pipeline. Again, the only way to have that data is to track it in the first place so make sure you are tracking, monitoring and reporting on key stats. Anything that will show your efforts are working towards the overall objectives.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”
– Steve Jobs #BeBrilliant 

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