ISO Certification

We put Being Brilliant to the quality test and passed with flying colours.

We are delighted to report that B&B Press have just been audited to ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental standards against the new 2015 editions, and have passed with a 100% pass rate.

This has made us one of the first companies in the UK to achieve this new edition of the standard.

The 2015 versions of both standards require many changes over the old 2008 version in areas such as management commitment, context of the organisation, risk management, improvement objectives, customer focus and communication.

Dan Dean who is responsible for all things ISO said “When we looked in detail at the new versions around 18 months ago, even before the new standard was fully ratified, we realised that the changes really suited our business and would give us a platform to make operational changes that we wanted to make “

We made all the changes needed early last year, so we have been running the new version for a year before being externally audited by Alcumus Isoqar on January 18th 2017

The changes in the standards provide really useful business tools and have changed the way we carry out many activities within the business.

At B&B Press we have always taken our accreditations seriously and have held the quality and environmental accreditations for the last 12 years. We produce all types of printed products using different print techniques across LED UV litho, standard litho, digital print and large format print.

The above is backed up by a full range of finishing and mailing equipment meaning we can handle all our projects completely without the need for external suppliers.

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