How to get the best ROI from your printing

How to get the best ROI from your printing

Print versus digital is an age-old debate that’s been rumbling on in every industry and organisation forever and a day.

No, print isn’t dead, it’s well and truly alive, and it’s an integral part of the communications mix.

In fact, as a result of the new digital era that we now find ourselves in, where new technologies are constantly changing the information landscape on an unprecedented scale, all eyes are now firmly fixed on print.

Yes, the internet and the latest technologies may have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for today’s customers, but it’s also resulted in them being bombarded with marketing messages left, right and centre. From emails and social media ads, to in-store digital displays, the level of ‘noise’ that today’s customers are now exposed to has reached a whole new scale. According to inbound marketing software specialists, HubSpot, 91% of people say ads are more intrusive today than two years ago…

…Which brings us back to print. Due to being exposed to more marketing messages than ever before, from all angles, today’s customers are tuning out to the ‘noise’, which is making it increasingly more difficult to capture their attention. As a result, more companies in recent years have switched on to the value print can bring in bursting the digital bubble we now find ourselves in.

But this blog isn’t about weighing up the pros and cons of print and digital, as relevant as it is to this post, it’s about how businesses like yourselves, who see the merit in printing, can get the best return on your investment otherwise, what’s the point of doing it?

Whether it’s a flyer or folder, brochure or banner, here are our top three tips for making sure you get the best ROI from your next printing project:

#ROI TIP 1: Get tracking

As tempting as it might be to print and issue your company brochure in the first week in April or run a leaflet campaign in the middle of summer because you’ve always done it, it’s not enough of a reason to warrant doing it, if you want to generate the best possible results, that is.

Have you tracked how everything’s actually performing? Could you boost response rates if you decided to do things at a different time of the year? Or if you decided to switch from A4 to A5?

While it might sound like really simple stuff, half of the issue of getting the best ROI on your printing investment is actually knowing how your current collateral’s performing in the first place. Without any tracking measures in place, such as putting personalised URLs on your brochures or printing codes on your leaflets, how can you possibly demonstrate ROI or know what progress looks like?

#ROI TIP 2: Get creative

Yes, print’s been established forever and a day. We know, we’ve been specialising in it for 60 years! But just because it’s tried-and-tested, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and test the boundaries where possible.

Being prepared to take a different approach enables you to stand out from the competition. We’re not saying you have to reinvent the wheel, subtle changes here and there, such as changing the type of paper, finish or images, can really make all of the difference. At some point, you may decide that you want to do something totally different like one of clients, The University of Salford, did when they asked us to make one of their booklets look like a SIM card.

Don’t make the mistake of viewing print as something that has limitations, in fact, due to the latest tips and techniques, such as laminations, holographic finishes and specialist cut outs, and industry advancements, pretty much anything’s possible! (Well, it is here at B&B Press anyway!)

#ROI TIP 3: Get testing

While this might be the last tip we’re sharing with you, it’s by no means the least important. Why? Because testing is integral to ensuring you get the best possible results from your printing.

If you’ve decided you want to push the boundaries (like we’ve just mentioned in the last tip), then the best way to ensure you get the best ROI from what you have in mind, is to put it to the test. For instance, if one of our customers told us they wanted to radically change their newsletter, rather than getting them to commit to printing the usual 10,000 copies of it, we’d produce a test batch for them on our digital printers.

Digital printing presses enable us to reproduce short, full colour runs, cost effectively and efficiently for our customers, as opposed to litho presses that are traditionally used for long runs, and are generally more expensive, as they involve significantly more set up work.

Producing test runs is the most effective way of trialing and refining your printing projects to ensure that the final product is as effective as possible.

Tracking. Creativity. Testing. Just three of the ways you can go about getting more ROI from your printing, and that’s just the start.

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