Be Brilliant: Marketing Challenges #4: Data


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And whilst we’re sat drinking tea and eating biscuits with you planning how to get more engagement out of your marketing spend, we pick up on some of the day to day challenges you’re facing in your roles.

This is our fourth article in our Be Brilliant series looking at some of the challenges faced by marketing managers in 2016 and our thoughts on how best to tackle them.



“I just don’t want to send this out to anyone who’s moved, or worse…died!”

In our hearts. We are all now familiar with the notion of putting the customer at the heart of our business and doing so keeps our focus as marketers on our job of serving the needs and wants of our customers first and above all else. And once we placed the customers firmly in our hearts we should place their data securely and respectfully in our minds leveraging it to generate insights; then applying these insights to support decision making, constantly iterating and learning from each cycle to refine understanding, build awareness and inform subsequent actions. Actions that and put in place to once again better serve our customers.

Data diligence. Many companies are still faced with incomplete databases. This creates all sorts of problems for marketers. A CRM or Marketing Automation tool is only as good as the data it contains. Companies that have not invested well here will see even bigger constraints on growth compared to other organizations that have reliable data and now reaping the benefits. With the best will in the world and the snazziest of CRM systems you still won’t get very far if the data you put in the top of your funnel is old, inaccurate, has been spammed to death or are in fact actually dead.

The solution

Data Hygiene. If you’re buying data in, make sure you’ve profiled your target audience, identified segmentation variables to easily identify them as specifically as possible. Make sure the data provider knows your exact key target audience so that you’re going to be sending the right message to the right people. Question the regency of the data, how old is it, how often is it checked, cleaned?

And once you’ve got your data cleaned up, or bought in you need to know what to do with it.

As advancements occur in CRM systems, there is more data available than ever before. Marketers will need to be able to properly decipher data and apply it correctly to their campaigns. 

Digital marketing gives marketers unprecedented insight into the effectiveness of their activity. This data can be used to refine your marketing and improve your ROI.

But how often do you have time to dig into the data at your disposal? Can your systems help you? – look at what is available via your CRM or e-marketing or automated workflow systems. You may be surprised at the reports available quickly and easily.

Again, look at ways you can streamline your other processes and minimise time wasted on administration or duplicated activity. Saving time elsewhere frees you up to analyse and capitalise on the data available to you.        

53% of organisations say data-driven marketing is their top strategic priority for 2016. (Adobe, 2016).

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