Be Brilliant: Marketing Challenges #3: Technology


Here at B&B PRESS we work alongside Marketing Managers and Marketing Teams to advise, guide, support, produce and deliver inspiring, engaging marketing collateral.

We pride ourselves on being your “Safe pair of hands” a “Helpful friend” and a “Good listening ear” *
*some of the things our customers have recently said about us.

And whilst we’re sat drinking tea and eating biscuits with you planning how to get more engagement out of your marketing spend, we pick up on some of the day to day challenges you’re facing in your roles.

This is our third article in our Be Brilliant series looking at some of the challenges faced by Marketing Managers in 2016 and our thoughts on how best to tackle them.


“Honestly Nigel, I’m spending most of my time inputting the same data on to several spreadsheets”

No wings. Ok so you have all these great ideas, you know what you want to happen but you have no way of making it happen. Or you must involve an agency, 10 people, a huge budget and you just want to trigger a few messages and track it. You need a solid runway from which to launch before you can begin to fly.

Geek. And today, marketers must be tech savvy. Keeping up with the changes in tech in automation, mobile, and social platforms can be very challenging for marketers as they are faced with meeting the demands of the day to day activities of their job. Fall behind on tech and a marketer can quickly lose ground to more tech-savvy competitors.

Hand in hand. The relationship between technology and marketing is one which will only grow. And to stay ahead of the competition you need the right mix of technologies to support your business and marketing goals.

How do you know what’s right for you?

The Solution

Review your peers and competitors. Turn to your network. What are others in similar industries, and job roles using? Can you get some recommendations? This is a good starting point but not one to solely base your decision on as you will find the advice is very much geared to what specifically they use that technology for. – Emails, Social, Mobile, Automation etc.…

Gather the info. Take advice and review it alongside your own investigations. Base your decision on your research on the specific marketing problems you and your business are trying to address.

We recently invested in Hubspot technology, its revolutionised how we work. We’d be more than happy to share our experience. 

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