Be Brilliant: Marketing Challenges #2: Showing ROI


Here at B&B PRESS we work alongside Marketing Managers and Marketing Teams to advise, guide, support, produce and deliver inspiring, engaging marketing collateral.

We pride ourselves on being your “Safe pair of hands” a “Helpful friend” and a “Good listening ear” *
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And whilst we’re sat drinking tea and eating biscuits with you planning how to get more engagement out of your marketing spend, we pick up on some of the day to day challenges you’re facing in your roles.

This is our second article in our Be Brilliant series looking at some of the challenges faced by Marketing Managers in 2016 and our thoughts on how best to tackle them.


“Kev, I have to be able to show what the benefit of doing every bit of activity is”

No ROI, no budget. The need to evidence the impact of marketing activity has never been greater. The availability of big data brings with it big expectation that marketing activity is now easily trackable, measurable and needs to deliver. Plus, proving ROI often goes hand-in-hand with making an argument to increase budget: No ROI tracking, no demonstrable ROI. No increased budget.

Tracking challenge. We know however that measuring ROI is one of the top challenges you face in your roles. Yet it's vital if you are to understand the effectiveness of each marketing campaign, piece of content etc. Tracking every single piece of marketing activity isn't always easy, especially if the marketing objective was raising awareness and even more so if you don't have any way of combining your marketing and sales teams reporting. Tracking the journey from initial engagement with the brand to becoming a customer is a challenge faced by every marketer.

The solution

Track it all. Gather as much data as you can from all activity. Track it, monitor it. Use data from social media, your website, email marketing and other digital channels to prove the impact of your activity. Demonstrate which channels provide most return and you will be able to better target your marketing.   

Use tech. Make a case to set a strong foundation, tech platforms that will help you knit it all together to establish links between marketing activities and sales results. This means using both a CRM system and some marketing software. There’s some key players out there on the market like Infusion Soft and Hubspot. If you not yet ready for that investment there’s some that need slightly less investment such as Zoho.

Inbound. Finally when it comes to increasing ROI as efficiently as possible inbound marketing is proven to be your safest bet. According to the latest stats from Hubspot regardless of marketing spend inbound marketing activity was 3x as likely to see a higher ROI on outbound activity.  

We recently invested in Hubspot technology, its revolutionised how we work. We’d be more than happy to share our experience. 

Talk us about our technology and how to show ROI on your marketing. Contact us or talk to one of our team on 01709 710000

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