Be Brilliant: Marketing Challenges #1:Time


Here at B&B PRESS we work alongside Marketing Managers and Marketing Teams to advise, guide, support, produce and deliver inspiring, engaging marketing collateral.

We pride ourselves on being your “Safe pair of hands” a “Helpful friend” and a “Good listening ear” *
*some of the things our customers have recently said about us.

And whilst we’re sat drinking tea and eating biscuits with you planning how to get more engagement out of your marketing spend, we pick up on some of the day to day challenges you’re facing in your roles.

This is our first article in our Be Brilliant series looking at some of the challenges faced by Marketing Managers in 2016 and our thoughts on how best to tackle them.



“Dave help, there’s just not enough hours in the day”

Having a marketer’s melt down? Your planning out this year’s customer retention activity; devising a multi-channel prospect marketing campaign, social listening and responding, checking Rodger is using the latest re-branded logo on his sales presentation, analysing data, managing vendor relationships, creating original content, oh and ”sure” you say as you’re then asked to organise this years’ Christmas party. Juggling the multi-faceted world of marketing can leave marketers faced with a huge time crunch every day.

Spinning plates? Often there’s more work than you can juggle in most small to medium marketing teams. Add to that the admin, the reporting and the hours putting together a business case so you can get some promotional pens printed and you’ve hit ‘marketers melt-down’.

Solution -  keen planning, prioritising and an extra pair of hands.

Plan. Firstly, you’re going to need a plan. Yes, we know, there’s time involved in creating that plan but trust us.  When the fuzz of things to do in your head becomes 90 day goals with 30 day milestones, weekly and daily to-do’s you’ll save a huge amount of time otherwise spent panicking. You may even actually sleep and therefore be more productive.

Prioritise. Effectively being able to prioritise tasks and not over assigning efforts to one area is critical. You should weight them in importance of impact on the business and on sales (rather than which is the nicest one to tackle first).

Collaborative working. Internally, externally. Work with partners who are experienced reliable specialists in their field who will listen, guide and support and can get the job done quickly and right the first time. Look at your things to do list and see what you can take off yours and put on someone else’s. – There isn’t time to be precious.

Automation and processes. You can work smarter, not harder, by finding ways to be more efficient. Looking at your marketing processes is a good way to start – is there duplication? Are you inputting data on to multiple spreadsheets? Are you storing, accessing and using your marketing assets in the most effective way? Might introducing a degree of automation to your marketing processes help you with efficient project management? 94% of marketers say that optimising creative workflows will be important in delivering a great customer experience. (Adobe, 2016). We think so too.

Question the deadline. Often you’re pushed from above, deadlines which on reflection are not as solid as they seemed and dates plucked out of the air as means of nothing more than assigning a time frame. If you need more time from the powers that be question it. Why has that date been set? What would happen if you didn’t meet it? Are there other areas of the business depending on it? By the time you’re ready to place your print order we know there are people and processes and other parts of the campaign waiting on our production but when you start the project, before the first words have been written / photos have been taken… there often room for a bit of wiggle time.

 We’re used to dealing with tight deadlines and turnaround times, in fact it’s the very reason we installed a bright new LED UV presses which cut turnaround times down.

Talk us about your requirements no matter how tight the deadline is. Contact us or talk to one of our team on 01709 710000. 

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