BeBrilliant Club: Three months old and growing by the day…

Would you believe that the BeBrilliant Club is three months old already?!

In what seems like the blink of an eye, the club, which represents everything we stand for, has gone from being a nugget of an idea, into a full-blown club with a 200-strong membership that’s steadily growing by the day.

For those of you who haven’t heard about the club, it’s aim is to connect marketing professionals from across the country and provide them with a space (whether that’s physical or virtual) where they can share best practice, obtain support, overcome challenges together and well, basically, BeBrilliant.

In essence, the BeBrilliant Club is the go-to platform for marketing professionals, who want to BeBrilliant at what they do, which is one our core values here at B&B Press

So, yes, we are professional printing experts, but the BeBrilliant Club isn’t about the world of print. It’s about the world of marketing, whether you work in the charity, professional, education, or another sector, the club is open to all.

We’ve worked with the marketing world for the last 60 years and have shaped the club to fit in with people’s hectic schedules. That’s why you’ll find, not only is it informal, it’s incredibly flexible, which means there’s no commitment for you have to actively take part in things. Members can simply dip in out of the club, as and when they’re able to.

Take our hugely successful first meeting, for instance, which we held at the start of the year. Yes, people were invited to meet at our premises, but we also had members, who were further afield or had a lot on at the time, dialing in and Skyping in too, depending on what worked best for them.

So, three months in, where have we got to with our BeBrilliant Club?

First and foremost, we’ve got our three-month milestone under our belt (**cue Cliff Richards singing ‘Congratulations’**). Secondly, we’ve got 200 members (**cue Cliff Richards singing ‘Congratulations’ again**). And thirdly, we’ve got even more exciting plans up our sleeves for the next three months and beyond (**cue drumroll**).

For those of you who may not have spotted it, we’ve launched a dedicated BeBrilliant Club group on LinkedIn where members can share inspiration, post ideas and share their brilliance with like-minded individuals within a private forum.

Plans have also just been confirmed for our first BeBrilliant Club Social event which is being held on the 13th July in Sheffield. Keep reading our regular BeBrilliant Club blog updates for the details about the event, as well as the inner workings of what pure brilliance looks like in reality. Watch this space and look forward to getting your invite.

Not had chance to join our exclusive BeBrilliant Club yet? Don’t worry, there’s still chance, simply click the button below and begin your BeBrilliant Club journey.


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