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Salonwear Direct


Company Brochure

250mm x 180mm 
Cover - 250g White Offset 
Text - 170g Silk Art
Printed 4 colours LED UV, cover anti-scuff laminated outer
Saddle Stitched 2 wires



Salonwear Direct were looking for ways to distinguish their brochure from their competitors but without breaking the bank. The use of LED UV massively improved the reproduction of the client’s images. An overall size of 250 x 180mmm was chosen; the thought being that a smaller size would stand out from more common A4 offerings.

The client also opted for an anti-scuff laminate on the outer cover, this coupled with an uncoated stock provided an interesting and tactile finish and it was thought that this coupled with the smaller size would prove to be more attractive and enticing for the reader. 

Salonwear Lookbook Cover

Salonwear Lookbook Inside Pages


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