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Hope City Church


She Is Book
A5 Landscape
Cover: 4 Pages, Text: 264 Pages
Cover: Vision Superior 350gsm, White Bond
Text: Silk Art 150gsm
Cover: 4 Process Colour LED UV on the face
Text 32 Pages 4 Colour LED UV both sides and 232 pages black LED UV both sides

 Cover: Clear block - foil, PUR bound with drawn on cover

Why is this job brilliant?

Hope City Church and its people radiate positivity, brightness and innovative design in their mission to bring the word of Christ to the people. The 'She Is' book is all about positive change and this is brought to life by the vivid images and wow factor enabled by our LED-UV presses and super precise in house finishing. The clever use of clear foil on the front cover adds the finishing touch to this vibrant publication. It really is a Pinterest worthy piece of print that you’d want to display proudly on your bookshelf, next to your beloved house plant of course. 

Hope City Church's Book Opened   

Flicking through Hope City Church's book

Front cover of the book resting on top of other books

Flicking through other pages of Hope City Church's book

Front cover of Hope City Church's book surrounded by phone and flowers

LIKED Hope City Church'S JOB?

Hope City Church is thrilled with how their book came out. The LED UV print really brings out the details within the 'She Is' book especially when it comes to the flowers. We especially love the black and white front cover

If you liked the look of this stunning book and what LED UV technology can produce, get in touch with one of the team members here at B&B Press and we'll make your next project, a BeBrilliant one. 

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