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Endurance Doors Brochure
A4 Portrait
Cover: Novatech Silk Art 350gsm, Anti Scuff Laminate
Inside Pages: Novatech Silk Art 130gsm
Printed on our LED UV Press
PUR Bound

36 W - Rocal (3)

36 W - Rocal

Week 36 Close Up Front Cover of Endurance Doors Brochure

Why is this job brilliant?


This brochure is a great example of amazing results using LED UV. The front cover is so fresh and crisp, the LED UV really makes the colours pop and enhances all the tiny details. The brochure shows just how good the end printed product can be when you combine great design with brilliant print.

Our client said "We couldn't be happier with the finished product. We feel B&B Press have taken the time to get to know our brand and gave use great advice in terms of paper stock and finishing. This resulted in a beautiful brochure that really sits well alongside the rest of our marketing materials."

They added "B&B Press went over and above to deliver the project to the original deadline despite us as the client being delayed with artwork."

LIKED Endurance Doors' JOB?

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